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jelqing doesnt work for me anymore

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    Originally posted by danner View Post
    So what is wet jelqing anyway i'm very confused
    Wet jelqing = jelqing with lubrication, you know what jelqing is don't you? If you don't, you should go to the exercise section of this site, it offers a good explanation and even a video. If you still don't get it (which I doubt) come back and ask us what part don't you get. Hope this helps!


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      Yes, wet jelqing is just regular good ol' lubricated jelqing, in most cases.

      Sometimes the term "wet" is thrown in there to either distinguish from "dry" jelqing, like if a person is posting about their routine and they have BOTH kinds, wet AND dry jelqing, as a part of their routine.

      The other possibility is that "wet" jelqing can mean that a person was jelqing "wet" with WATER instead of oily lube.


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        Originally posted by Gator View Post
        Jelq-stretches are an exercise. Low erection (no more than 30%).

        You do a jelq stroke, then stretch the penis by bending the end of the shaft to have your unit for the shape of an L.

        Hits the tunica very nicely.
        I do the exact same thing while doing my Tunica Tugs .... I bend the shaft from the bottom,the middle and near the top to create an L Shape .... and like you said,it hits the tunica nicely.


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          Originally posted by Mars81 View Post
          Hey bro,

          I read how you are doing your technique. I would say you are doing it right but don't concentrate so much on gripping it very tight and whether you are touching every part the whole time or not. What's important is that you keep an OK sign for the most part and you move your hand to your glans. What you want to do is a gliding motion, and what you want to concentrate on is having your glans fill up with blood. That is what they mean by milking, like when you milk a cow, except it's blood being rushed to the end and the blood doesn't come out. That is how jelqing works, since the blood is trapped your tissues over time will expand from the engorging caused by the movement of the blood. Hey, if there is still something more specific that you are struggling with and would like for me or anyone else to answer let us know. I hope this helped you some!
          nice explanation .... i like it ....


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            Thanks EQKing !