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I am eventually starting, here is why..

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  • I am eventually starting, here is why..

    To be honest I was not going to start because I am a really paranoid guy with my health and as soon as I read that some people get their penis damaged from PE, I forgot about PE and said, better to have a fully functional dick even tho it's only 13cm rather than not being able to use it..

    What changed?
    So I went for a trip to London few days ago with a friend and I could really fuck so easily, looks like english girl were really attracted by us.. I am average looking but with good style. But I was so afraid and embarrassed to fuck with my friend, because he has a 19cm penis(his penis flaccid is like mine erected). This must change, I don't aim for huge size, I would be fine with an average penis of 15 cm, so I went yesterday to supermarket and bought some baby johnson oil(will that do?).

    So I am willing to start today, I am just 20 years old so I have time to achieve my aims and I am not rushing at all, so if it's possible that you could guide me what to do, the most-light program? I don't want to buy any supplies or products. If someone could guide me of a really light program, I would really appreciate it..

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    Try doing the JP90 routine. Jelqing and manual stretching.


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      Welcome to the gym!

      Your cautious approach and mindset about safety will be a very good asset for your PE journey. The other very important thing you will need is knowledge. There is a wealth of information here to help you get started off safely and effectively and most of that can be found in the START HERE! link at the top left of the page.

      There are some beginner routines in there to choose from to get you started. The JP90 is a popular one, but it's also an intense beginner routine. If you are looking for something on the light side I would suggest using the The Basic Training Penis Enlargement, Male Enhancement, and Stamina Routine . If there is anything you don't understand don't hesitate to ask questions, the members here are very helpful.
      To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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        Thanks a lot mate!


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          Confused as to what your friends penis size has to do with you getting laid. It led you here so it can't be all bad, good luck on your journey mate


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            Originally posted by Cokafor View Post
            Confused as to what your friends penis size has to do with you getting laid. It led you here so it can't be all bad, good luck on your journey mate
            Our apt was small and had only one room, so choices were two, both of us fuck the same girl, fuck different girls on same room


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              Hi Rebound, and welcome to the Gym. He's right you should do PE for you, and not in comparison to someone else. You are right to not try going too hard or too fast. I agree with Cavalier. JP90 is an intense program. So read and understand the information in the Start Here link. Be consistent, and persistent and you can reach your goals.