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Question about inflamation for blood flow?

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  • Question about inflamation for blood flow?

    Ok, so I had this weird (Idea) about how to maximize blood flow to the penis. What better way than to get the penis nice and hot and inflamed? Obviously not to the point of any pain. But if you look at NO products, they promote blood flow. More blood flow, faster recovery. So I was wondering....."what if I could keep my penis inflamed for 4-8hours a day? that would help send nutrients to my penis for the duration".

    So my question is this, is there anything out there that can be rubbed on or soaking your penis in to inflame it? Without harmful chemicals obviously. Just wondering and it was something I thought id throw out there. Cause there are lots of "Anti-inflamatory" products out there. Thanks for any responses in advance.

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    I would say that using a wet/heated washcloth that is as hot as you can stand to use it is the best way to promote bloodflow and "inflame" the penis without risking injury.


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      yeah I have read around on almost every site I could find about medicines and general applicants for this subject and found nothing.


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        V8N3T: I've never heard of anyone rubbing anti-inflammatory products on their penis. You might be the first. Just a note on the obvious, though: Those who lead the pack are not only most prone to the riches, but also the dangers

        I have heard of men using essential oils, though. One guy by the name of Eroset created a compilation of essential oils and turned it into a very useful lubricant called "Essential Vein Oil" (it was originally created to help with a thrombosed vein, which it did). Many men leave it on throughout the day. The oils he used included:
        • 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a base carrier for the essential oils.
        • 6 mL of Lavender Essential Oil (organic or 40/42 oil).
        • 2.5 mL of Rosemary Essential Oil. Men with sensitive skin will want to go easy on this and may want to use less than the 2.5 mL suggestion. If you experience unpleasant irritation, this is the oil to look at first. Rosemary is the best vasodilator in the mix and great penetrating oil, but itís also the harshest on the skin.
        • 2 mL of Clary Sage Essential Oil.
        • 1.5-2 mL of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Men with sensitive skin will want to go easy on this as well.

        Hope this helps!
        "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein