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beginner !?

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  • beginner !?

    i have read allot on this forum
    but i cant find how to begin like how many strokes per day week etc ?
    and guidline or links etc thanks

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    I'm skeptical you've read a lot then. You'll undoubtedly be guided towards the "Start Here" tab on the top left of every screen. Search JP90 as well, which is a very popular "beginner" routine to get started with for the first 3 months. I'm currently in the latter stages of it myself and it's going well. Good luck.
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      Welcome to the gym!

      As LateBloom mentioned, the START HERE! link is where you should go to find all the information you will need to get started off safely and effectively. You ca follow the JP90(JonPop-Intense Beginner Routine) routine as a guideline on how to begin.
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        Do a total of 150 "Wet Jelqs" and 90 "V" Jelqs. ? << how many times per week etc ?
        do i do this for 1 month how many its not clear


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          Hey scroeffie!

          Welcome to the Gym.

          Try this one. It's easier to follow:

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            stil dont know how many ??

            During weeks 1-2, you will workout 3 days per week < how many

            During weeks 3-4, you will workout 4 days per week

            During weeks 5-6, you will workout 5 days per week, and you should try to do each routine twice a day towards your last 1-2 weeks before your layoff.