Hi everyone.

I've started the PE journey two weeks ago, making sure I understand all the exercises and how to do them correctly.

What I have failed on is to do a little more reading on the pelvic floor.

After reading the sticky threads and hans twilight's thread on it, I'm a bit worried.

Let's see my situation.

I often wake up before my alarm to urinate, which is almost every day (you know that feeling that bladder is full and it needs to go?)

I also urinate quite frequently during the day, at least one-two per hour. (I do drink around 1.5-2L of water per date plus tea or coffee)

I also noticed that I have to consciously relax my PC sometimes. Like, out of the blue, I am aware it is tense.

My EQ is not that great. When I do my stamina routine, my dick starts to go limp after a couple of seconds of my touching it.

Sex is the same although we manage to finish. I often go limp halfway.

Morning wood, I've only had one day so far this week (although I had that full bladder feeling)

With me conscious about all of this now, show I see a doctor?

I'm very rational and not stressed. I just want to take the best course of action to tackle this

Should I stop PE and do a couple of weeks of just stretching?