I'm new to this forum. I've just registered and I'm very motivated to start PE.
I've read the topic https://www.pegym.com/forums/success...nner-read.html and I decided to start the same routine as the author. I was very impressed by this story.

*10-Minutes – Warm Up
*Basic Stretching (left, right, straight out, straight up, left and right circle stretches)
*10-Minutes – Wet jelqing (5 second strokes)
*I also kegeled 120 times while doing the routine along with 100-200 during the day
*This routine was done religiously on a 2 days on and 1 day off regiment.

I've been working on a gym for two years now so I want to start with the simplest solutions for now, that's why I skipped P90 program.
I'm just not sure with how many reps and sets should I start here? Like should I Do:

basic stretchning - stretch to left(hold around 30seconds) - stretch to right(hold 30sec) - stretch straight out(30s) - stretch straight up (30s) and how long should I continue to do so? What would you guys recommend for a newbie who had never PE'd?
Also wanted to ask if I should just continuously do wet jelqing for 10 minutes and slowly add intensity or divide it on sets, reps etc? I don't quite understand what the author meant with 5 second strokes.
Finally kegels, should I do them while the routine? I mean for example when I'm in the middle of stretching to the left should I then "activate" the kegels or just add it as an another exercise and do it after stretching and wet jelqing?

I know that I'm asking a lot of questions, but I would be glad if someone could help me with my first steps.
When I get a grasp of it I will follow the body just as I do with gym, but at the beginning it's always so much chaos in your brain.

Thank you,