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What kind of gains from just stretch/jelq routine?

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  • What kind of gains from just stretch/jelq routine?

    I've been doing tons of research and I've seen some crazy looking work outs. Honestly some of them look painful. I don't really want to get into hanging, extenders, clamping, or anything that bends my dick. Haha!

    What can I expect to get out of stretches and jelqs, with maybe a bathmate thrown in? I would really like to get one after what I've read but that is the extent for me right now. I'm Looking to get .8 length and .8 girth. 1" of each would be great obviously.....

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    I'll let you know April 1. That's the next time I measure, and I'm doing that exact routine..
    bpsfl; 7.5".....7.5".......
    bpel; 6.75"....7.0"......
    meg; 5.5"......5.5".....
    beg; 6.0".......6.0".....
    Follow my log..
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      Light stretching for longer periods of time will help with length. I've read some people who stretched with a lot of force got girth gains. Jelqing at low EQs will help length, at high EQs will help girth. I know what you mean about some exercises looking painful, but if you're just starting there is no need to even think about them yet. I felt the same way and didn't want to risk an injury, but once you're conditioned you will feel differently about it, I know I did. I used to think bundled stretches were completely crazy, but now they are one of my favorite stretches.


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        There is no way to predict how much or how fast an individual will gain. Your length goals are achievable with manual exercises, the girth goal may will take much longer and the addition of advanced exercises or devices to reach. Here is a list of the best of the best here on what they gained and how they did it.

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          Stay safe, consistent, persistent and you can reach your goals with manual only. It takes longer, but is safer.