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  • Really not happy :(

    Hey guys

    First of all I have been reading in the shadows for a few weeks now and I am glad to see that people are gaining.

    Well heres my story. I am 6" length and 4.6" girth. When erect. I look very small when I am flaccid, which I hate and I am too shy to literally show anyone, even myself. I feel so ashamed.

    I am with a new girl who is larger than my ex and she commented on my penis being thin, she also commented on the fact that a guy she was with had a big dick, again made me feel very small.

    I always knew that I had a problem when I looked at others in the gym and thought to myself. I am much smaller.

    I am okay with the length but the girth is really bothering me, it has been my whole life and I really want to get it sorted to the stage where I have been looking at surgery and most recently filler injections which seems to be the fastest and safest way.

    I need a little guidance on how to carry out the compression technique, how many times a week/day do I need to do it in order to get some girth. Do I need to be erect? My goal is 5.5" is that achievable and how long do you think it would take?

    Thanks everyone this is really tormenting me mentally. I know I am in normal range but I really havent managed to see a someone with the same size as me they are all bigger

    Thank you

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    The guidance you need is a new girl.So she made comments about your dick? How bout her tits? Maybe make a comment or two about them.

    Sorry I got pissed off. Welcome to the gym. Learn, ask questions and have fun
    The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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      Welcome to the GYM! Learn everything a newbie needs to know about gym membership, exercises, videos, and MUCH MORE! BEGIN your journey by READING ALL those threads here^^^!

      Forget surgery, too much RISK and minimal results for most guys! Instead start a conditioning program (JP90 or PESG) and build your PE slowly working up to the full routine in 30 days. Happy TUGGIN'!


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        Yeah I know, well yeah. They are small, she knows that.

        Thanks, I am looking for everyones input, including honest comments about my size, I can take it..


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          There is nothing wrong with your size and here you can improve that. There is something wrong with a woman who will comment about your size in any derogatory manner.
          So it has given you some mental anguish? Great way to start a relationship.
          The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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            Originally posted by not_happy View Post
            Yeah I know, well yeah. They are small, she knows that.

            Thanks, I am looking for everyones input, including honest comments about my size, I can take it..
            4,6 inches is not thin in my opinion, i only have slightly more, or should i say had :'( because i broke my dick. Now would you want to do the same as me because of maybe 0,3 inch girth, don't imagine so.

            If you're gonna start excercising, the first think you need to do is calm the fuck down, i don"t know if you're not but i strongly recommend that you don"t think about getting a bigger cock, it will make you do crazy things and you will get injured. It is much easier to get injured than you think.

            I mean this from the bottom of my heart, just by some maca and take that before you meet her the next time and i promise your girth will get bigger. And if youre gonna train pe just do some light flaccid jelqing, DO NOT go crrazy with a pump!

            Good luck, bro


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              What is wrong with your size... nothing! If you want to make it bigger great, work at it and take the time to do it right like the successful members here. Trying to rush it out of desperation will only lead to injury. Perhaps you should reconsider your relationship with this girl if she is making comments that hurt you this early into the relationship.
              To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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                Honestly, you're average in length (on the larger side) and girth. You're in the right place if you want to increase your unit's size, but I would do it for you and not for her.

                new girl who is larger than my ex
                Just because she's larger doesn't mean her vag isn't normal. I sense she's trying to control you through your emotions, but that's me judging your relationship without much info.

                Good luck either way, you already have some sound advice from posts here.
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                  I can relate, Soon_tobehappy, I'm thin too. Haven't really gotten any thicker at 4.5 E.G. But I can rock her world. One word, technique. Learn to be a great partner and lover, it just doesn't happen ya know. You have to go all in, in poker terms. So many double meanings there I'll let you figure it out. First step, confidence, don't allow her negative comments get you down. You Da' man!
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                    If you can follow instructions, pay attention to and interpret the signals your body sends your brain, then train consistently, building upon your conditioning routine slowly, you can not only remain injury-free, you can build your self confidence & the penis you desire in both size & health for the remainder of your life! Ask questions, stay active on the forums and learn; you'll benefit in many ways, unrelated to the size of your tool.


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                      Damn right!


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                        Nothing is wrong with your size.
                        And i agree with CUSP82, seriously making comments about your boyfriend's penis?
                        If she doesn't like why is she with you? why is she having sex with you? ah?
                        BULL*** She loves it, and you tell her that please.

                        "You love my penis, my penis is ideal for you so shut the **** up"

                        Sorry, i went too far, it just got me pissed a little.

                        You're normal, don't let any woman bring you down.
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                          This thread makes me sad.

                          I hope she doesn't have a pattern of making you doubt yourself, feel bad about yourself. Words (even inaccurate/untrue words) can really have a lasting impact on a relationship, and consequently, our lives.

                          Life is too short for bad women. Took me a LONG time to learn that. Unfortunately.
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                          Goal (Revised): 7.5" BPEL x 5.75" MEG (19.7cm x 14.7cm) w/ almost zero fat pad


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                            Your gf sent up a big red flag.


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                              Read this