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I don't get your point?

Nobody is saying there are not specific exercises that target specific parts of the penis. For example, tunica tugs for tunica, heavy hanging for ligs. I gained a lot of tunica gains from low tension extending, for example. Then gained a good bit of lig gains from hanging. Both would have given a bit of lig or tunica gains in the mix as well. A lot of here-say and speculation within the PE community indicates that lig gains are the easy ones and tunica gains are far more difficult. It is this type of logic (misinformation) that brings the OP to ask questions about "only" gaining from ligs. 1. it is not possible to completely split the two. 2. It is not desirable, or at least I can't think of any reasonable reason for doing so.
I guess I was under the false impression that tunica tugs ONLY targeted tunica, not ligs. I can't see why one would want to only target one, but I guess you aren't doing that with tunica tugs?