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  • Need advice on PE

    I feel overwhelmed with all this. Jelqs, a solid routine, possible injury, kegels, reverse kegels. I've been trying kegels then read you need to be erect when doing them. So I looked at reverse kegels bc I do have premature ejaculations more time than I'd like. But idk how to do them or figure out if I'm doing them right. I feel I'm bearing down to much but if I just use that "try to pee" I feel I can just stand there and do it for a long time. I want to know can I juse focus on the jelqing for now and not worry myself with kegels. I feel like its hard enough for me to get the jelqs in. Will I still gain? And what if I'm only able to jelq 2 times a week bc life happens. Will I gain anything? I know the program says 2 on 1 off. I plan to work up to that I guess but as I said "life".

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    Well, first of all, welcome aboard PSP80!

    I totally understand your feelings. There is a lot going on in this forum. And, I would strongly suggest that you - if you are not already doing so - spend some time in the Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction forums as well. Lots and lots of good information in there.

    But, let's take a step back and put some things in a nice REALLY LONG post! :-) Sorry...could not help but to poke fun of myself!

    So, let's begin!

    *Most guys come in here and are looking to increase either length or girth or both!
    *Most guys who come in here are worried (either now or at some point in their life) about "am I normal sized?"
    *Some guys who come in here and have a girlfriend worry about at least one of the girl firend's ex-boy friends
    *Some guys who come in here have an issue with Premature Ejaculation
    *Some guys who come in here have an issue with Erectile Dysfunction
    *Some guys who come in here just want to improve overall penis health.

    So, above are some reasons why guys come in this forum. And, I am sure that the above is not a complete listing!

    What most guys end up doing - and everyone is different, so you need to find what works for you - a program. There are a lot of different "canned" programs that are readily available.

    So, what does a program look like? Good question!

    Essentially, you will be looking at something similar to the below:
    1. warm up (lots use a rice sock)
    2. stretches
    3. Jelqs
    4. Kegels | Reverse Kegels (it is important to do both to maintain balance in the Pelvic Floor)
    5. Edging
    6. Warm Down (again, lots use a rice sock but it is not the only option).

    The frequency is something that you need to - pardon the pun - play with. Everyone is different. Lots do five days on, two days off. For some, like me, that is way too much. So, they do two days on, one day off. Find what works for you. How do you tell? Well, excellent question. If you suffer from negative PIs (where you suffer from lower erection quality, where you turtle a lot, where you experience premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation, etc etc). If you do experience negative PIs then you are well advised to slow things down. Either you are doing tooooo much or you are doing it tooooo often. For example, the JP90 I could just not do. Way too much and way to frequent for me.

    The first 90 days or so of ANY program is simply conditioning your penis. Just like going to the gym (where you keep your pants on!) you just don't start bench pressing 300lbs, squatting 450lbs and dead lifting 500 lbs, right? Same concepts apply here.

    And everyone is different so your program might be a little bit different. You might need to take a canned program - like the JP90 - and modify it to your needs. Do not be shy about that.

    Another thing....never let sex with a female (or male, whatever floats your boat, man) be something that you miss because you need to "work out". Sex comes first. I mean....nuff said, right?

    Now, if you have any extenuating circumstances (PreMa, Ed, a curve, whatever) then there might be additional needs to address. It sounds like you have at least one (PreMa).

    Okay...gonna end this post (see, I was not kidding about a 'long post') and write something else....

    Welcome aboard, man! Keep on, keeping on!
    Start: August, 2017
    Start: 5.50inches BPEL x 5.125inches MEG
    Goal: 7.0inches BPEL x 6.0inches MEG
    Focus: AMAZING EQ! A strong and balanced Pelvic Floor!! Awesome Hip Flexibility!!!


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      Okay, so here is a much shorter post....

      There are lots and lots of articles and videos on how to jelq, how to edge, how to stretch, et al here in this forum. So, read those articles and view those videos (definitely NSFW - not safe for work) and make sure that your form is correct. Just like doing bench press, squats, dead lifts and the like if your form is bad then you will hurt yourself.

      A quick heads up:
      *warming up! Not really an option. Like the old commercial, JUST DO IT! :-)
      *On jelqs, consider a lighter grip. No death grips here. You will create a bad situation for yourself.
      *On edging, be patient with yourself. Really make that "mind-muscle" connection. Learn how your body responds to sexual stimulation.
      *Be kind on the stretching. You are not trying to pull it off!

      Find a program and come up with a plan (read: the exercises included and the frequency) and be open-minded and listen to your body. Please keep in mind that "less is more"! Well, for most guys.
      Start: August, 2017
      Start: 5.50inches BPEL x 5.125inches MEG
      Goal: 7.0inches BPEL x 6.0inches MEG
      Focus: AMAZING EQ! A strong and balanced Pelvic Floor!! Awesome Hip Flexibility!!!


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        Most important of all....

        What are your goals in here?

        It is imperative that you have clearly defined goals before you start. And, it is okay if your goals change. But, you have to know what you want to accomplish. Your plan is going to be based on what you are trying to accomplish.

        Once you have your goals clearly identified and you start a program, be consistent and patient.

        Some guys are genetically pre-disposed to length gains and some guys to girth gains but few to both! Just like some guys are "showers" while others are "growers".

        I would suggest that you create a log of your progress (like what is available here) so that you can more accurately track things. It also helps us to help you should you have questions or concerns about growth (or lack of growth). I use "growth" as the example as that is what - or so it seems - most guys in here are seeking.

        So, be consistent and patient with your work and be open-minded and def listen to your body!
        Start: August, 2017
        Start: 5.50inches BPEL x 5.125inches MEG
        Goal: 7.0inches BPEL x 6.0inches MEG
        Focus: AMAZING EQ! A strong and balanced Pelvic Floor!! Awesome Hip Flexibility!!!


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          I'm concerned I'm not even doing that much yet having issues. Maybe bc it's my dick I'm way too anxious about it and worried about injury and of course worried about gains. The "want it now" is definitely there and causing mental stress. But I'll give you and prime example just this am. Yesterday I did a jelq session. Seemed to go ok. But I was intent on leaving today alone but in the shower after I felt warm and everything I decided to stretch. Well it started off great feeling then I felt a slight sharp pain. Now I feel like I've caused an injury or something. My unit is tight and of course anxiety has made it worse. And I was stretching easy. Like I said it felt really good at first. Now what the hell