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How's this for a beginning routine?

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  • How's this for a beginning routine?

    Okay so I just wanna try something very light, so how does this routine sounds

    10 mins warm up with hot towel or rice sock

    50 jelqs with lubricant

    10 reverse kegels

    5 min warm down same as warm up

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    That looks like a good start that you could easily progress directly into the JP90.
    What are your goals for PE? If you are just hoping to improve your EQ, that routine might help. If your goal is growth, keep up your current routine and look into the JP90 and add jelqs and stretches in along the way as your PIs lead you along your journey.
    If actual gains are your goal, look into some of the established routines promoted on this site. Pick one and do it consistently, religiously even for the frequency and duration suggested. Otherwise, you can't say PE doesn't work.
    It's a slow process (for most) that requires consistent effort, patience and a positive mental attitude only helps.
    Good decision to start light. Stay safe and good luck!
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      I would throw some stretches in before the jelqs.
      7 1/4 inches x 5 1/4 inches Spring 2014
      8 X 5 1/2 late summer 2014
      8 X 5 3/4 Feb. 2015 That took a while.
      8 X 6 goal
      8 X 5 7/8 May 2015, wife said stop for now.


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        Honestly I keep trying to do the research to start PE but it's hard for me to get past what doctors say about it.

        That the penis is not a muscle you can grow, and that PE doesn't work


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          Id be happy with just an extra half inch in both length and girth. But I cannot get any clear advice as to whether PE gains can be permanent


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            Scientists also said the world wasn't round once.

            Many people on here have gained. Nobody is trying to make money off you from doing it so nobody will care if you don't try it. But go into it with an open mind and see where it takes you.

            On the routine, I would start adding some stretches in. About 5 mins of them. You could drop back the warm up to 5 mins in my opinion.

            Add about 10 jelqs per week or so to work your way up if you like
            Starting Point: September 2010: 6.5" x 5"
            Goal: 8" x 6"

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              One thing that I can absolutely confirm is that doing this - assuming that you do not overdo things - will increase your EQ (erection quality) big time. I mean, like absolutely amazing hard erections.

              As someone stated, I would add some stretches to your program. So, do the following:

              1. Warmup
              2. Stretches
              3. Jelqs
              4. Kegels | Reverse Kegels
              5. Warm down

              After a while, I would add in some stamina training (aka, edging) after the kegels | reverse kegels and before the warm down.

              I can promise you that this stuff works. It might come fast, it might come slow....but you will be amazed at the changes.
              Start: August, 2017
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