Hello guys, I'm here because I've started recently doing PE work, and I'm here seeking some advices. First of all, after doing a lot of research about PE and all of the stuff around it, I've decided to buy a Bathmate Hydromax x30. Why did I do that? It's not expensive and from what I read it helps you getting fast results. I've been doing the 15min session as recommended with a break every 5min, and meanwhile some helicopter shakes and a few jelqs. After the BM session I do jelqs and stretches (all directions) for about 5min each.
So how's that working out for me? Well, I've been struggling with 2 things. First, I don't know if that can be a problem or not but it causes some discomfort (maybe it's normal and I haven't figured it out yet) while the BM session. I have some foreskin play and when I pump a bit harder it causes a lot of discomfort.
The second thing is related with some dots that appeared in my dick. Is it normal? What should I do or am I doing something wrong?
I've been working out every day, and I would appreciate some help, advices, or even routines that have been working out for you guys.