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Is very very very little even worse then nothing?

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  • Is very very very little even worse then nothing?


    Quick question for y'all! If I were to just (without warm up and nothing toooo hard) just start jelqing sometimes with less then 70 % hard.. But on very rare occasions. Some times in the shower just spontanious or in bed bored or whenever I feel like it.. Some times not do it for a month. Sometimes do it 3 times a week.. But very subtle and not very hard... ---- Would this be even worse then not doing it at all? I mean, if I tear the ligaments a little little bit and not very often, will it actually shrink my unit instead?

    I think I read somewhere that if you don't do it often enough the small tears will heal your penis smaller (you have to keep jelqing it when it heals in order to make it heal bigger then it was).

    So what do you say? Can I do this very safely and just 1-3 times a week very carefully or will this just make my dick heal smaller?

    I hurt myself once and I don't want to do PE again but just doing it instead of masturbation sometimes and very carefully I could see myself doing sometimes..

    So would you say:
    1. "Don't do it you will make ur unit even smaller" or
    2. "Go ahead it wont shrink - but don't expect much gains"

    THANK you!

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    No warmup because I would do it in a hot shower and not much harder than masturbating. And also not do stretches or anything other than jelqing?


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      My opinion is that it wouldn't hurt anything, but it wouldn't do anything either, so you might as well not waste your time.
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        Hey lallollol! Right away I will tell you that in my opinion, better do nothing. Let me just elaborate.

        I think we can agree that the most important things in PE are Safety (first) and Consistency. However I believe that there is something even more important. The Mentality! The way you approach this activity! I think that the right mentality consists at least of consistency, maturity and clarity of mind. If one of these fails then the activity is at risk. Not only risking the lack of gains but also risking an injury.

        You stated that: "Some times in the shower just spontanious or in bed bored or whenever I feel like it.. Some times not do it for a month. Sometimes do it 3 times a week.. But very subtle and not very hard..." Also that you do no warm up. All this makes me feel that your mentality is a bit off. You emphasize that you are doing it very safely and I understand your concern. But being highly inconsistent in your routine may some day lead to inconsistent safety measures and then you get hurt. We are all prone to this but consistentcy helps us have more a structured routine and safety becomes a habit.

        Sorry if I got carried away but I believe that if you really like PE then find the time and the consistency to do it.

        N.B. I don't know if it heals shorter.
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          I don't think you'd lose size from that, assuming you don't injure yourself or use improper techniques. I've read that if you leave too much time in between girth exercises your penis will get, "stronger," making it more difficult to cause micro tears and make future gains.


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            PE is all about consistency if you really want to measure gains. IF your just doing it for EQ improvement, what you are doing might be ok. But then again, you probably want consistent EQ gains, so again consistency is likely the most important variable of any PE routine.
            If time, privacy is your biggest challenge, decide how much time you could devote consistently 5 days a week and then do it 5 days a week. Otherwise, don't expect much if any changes to your unit.
            If you can devote time consistently, I'm willing to bet as you see changes you will be able to find additional time to achieve the goals you have in mind.
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              If you train consistently you'll be able to progress safely by adding reps and intensity to your exercises. if you take long breaks in between sessions you'll be forced to start from scratch. Attempting to pick up where you left off after long breaks can cause injury due to the detraining effect.
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