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Newbie - Variation of JP90 - Comments welcome

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  • Newbie - Variation of JP90 - Comments welcome

    Hello everyone, first post here. I've been reading for a couple of weeks and then have been starting some basic PE exercises for about 2 weeks now. I started doing JP90 exactly as written, but soon found I really don't like jelqing. I have a hard time keeping the 50% erection level. Has nothing to do with ED or anything, I just don't find it sexy at all and quickly lose it, so then I'm trying to jelq while pretty much flacid and that did not seem productive. So I modified to this routine. Wondered if I could get some comments on it, safety and effectiveness. Remember I'm new so I'm open to all constructive comments.

    1. 10-12 min Bathmate in the shower. I try to go in as erect as possible and re-pump every couple mins or so.
    2. 10 mins of stretching that consists of:
    - 20 JAI stretches
    - Directional stretches for 30 second in each direction
    - Circular stretches 30 times clockwise and 30 times counter-clockwise
    - Flacid bend stretch up and down for 30 sec each
    - 20 JAI stretches
    3. 100 kegels during breakfast. I was doing them during the directional stretches as per the original JP90 instruction, but then I read several places not to do that. If that advice is no longer valid I think the thread should be modified so that newbies like myself don't hurt themselves.

    So far I'm doing the 2 days on 1 day off routine so as not to do too much to fast.

    Well let me know what you think and thanks for all the excellent information and videos on this site!

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    Idk why people say "modified JP90", u've changed it so much that its a different routine lol. Your routine looks fine. You should do those stretches before the Bathmate, that is a huge one. I tried doing Kegels with directional stretches, just like in the original JP90 and I didn't like it much. I was actually getting turtled after workouts pretty bad, and felt sharp quick pains sometimes when kegeling in the stretch (just as advised in JP90), and I said hell with it. I never ever do kegels when stretching now. Kegels are great, but dont do them randomly during the day; just do them before your workout or in the bathmate. Reverse Kegels are super important for me.
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      Welcome Tiger! Glad you decided to join and post. How have your PIs been over the first 2 weeks? That is key to your workouts. If you haven't read about PIs yet, you really should.
      Your routine looks fine but maybe a little intense for a beginner. Remember, as you continue your routine, you will need to add a few reps each week.
      I would suggest that you not give up on the jelqs. As a beginner, you are conditioning your unit and the jelq seems to be a pretty important part of that.
      I agree, the jelq is not sexy but your body is adapting to a new stress you are putting on it and it takes time for that adaptation to happen.
      I think a lot of guys have the same difficulty as you maintaining the correct EQ for jelqs. I know I did. Maybe just try going a little lighter, just enough force that you can feel yourself pushing a wave of blood in front of you hand toward the glans.
      If that EQ drops too low, just stop and stimulate back to the correct EQ and continue. When I started I would have to do this every 15-20 jelqs, that's 15-20 with each hand.
      The V-jelqs are awkward also in the beginning but it's worth the effort to learn to do them right as it is with all PE exercises.
      Don't get in the mindset that the harder/more intense you PE, the quicker gains will come. It's not the case and lead to injury. In fact for a lot of guys they found that lighter works better. The only way for a beginner to know that is to give lighter plenty of time to effect change.
      Injuries are real and can be devastating to your dick and your mental well-being. So stay safe first and foremost.
      It's not going to grow as fast as you want no matter what and you only have one dick as far as I know, so don't mess it up.
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        Thanks for the comments! So far PIs have been good. Only neutral one is the little red dots from the bathmate occasionally but they go away within a day and don't seem to be causing a problem. I agree I should add the jelqing back in but just not sure how and when. I'll figure it out eventually I'm sure. I'm not in any kind of rush so I can take my time and hopefully I'll get results safely over the long haul. :-)


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          Well I've been at this for about 2 months. So far things are going ok. Positive results include better and stronger EQ and longer more full flaccid hang most days. I did my first measurement and haven't changed at all in either length or girth when erect though. Kinda disappointing but I know it's early in the grand scheme of things.

          I've started to have a little negative PI in that I am starting to be more sore than I would like due to the stretching. I'm planning to start alternating stretching and jelqing each day and just go back and forth like that. Hoping that will help with some girth while giving myself more breaks from stretching. Question is, if I go back and forth like that each day, do I have to take any rest days? Seems like I am basically doing a rest day every other day as the two exercises are working different things (ligaments vs. tissue). Also I plan to continue using the Bathmate each morning. Hopefully I'll have a good response to that plan.