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Negative or neutral PI?

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  • Negative or neutral PI?

    Hello guys. Its been 10 days since I started PE and in the first time in my life I am finding if hard to get an erection. I am follwoing the JP90 routine. In the first few days of the routine I got to 90-100% erection just after 15-20 jelqs, so i had to stop for a min before continuing. But now I struggle to maintain 50-60% erection while jelqing. There's a considerable decrease in morning wood as well. This is freaking me out. So is this normal or I am doing something really wrong? I would appreciate any help whatsoever. Thank you!

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    Unless you haven't been sleeping well or are under a lot of stress or have been exercising less or have been drinking more/eating more unhealthy, the it would appear that something is wrong. Stop JP90 for a while and try PESG for at least a month as a conditioning routine. And make sure to do EQ and PF exercises.

    Apologies for all the "or"s, I just wanted to list the common things that drop EQ down.
    BPEL: 6.75-7"(not a good measurement)
    BEG: 5ish (not a good measurement)

    Current (4/10/2018)
    BPEL: 8"
    MSEG: 5.375-5.45"

    BPEL: 8"+
    MSEG: 6"


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      Oh look another beginner getting negative PI's from JP90 lol. I would take the week off and start on PSEG's routine. I think its smarter to start lower and find 0 gians, then increase, rather than work your way down ladder.
      Start: BPEL 4.9 MSEG 4.5
      Current: BPEL 6.125 MSEG n/a


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        Thank you so much for the reply MarsSpyder!
        No I haven't been eating or drinking unhealthy. Actually I have been on a pretty healthy diet since a month that includes a lot of veggies. And I sleep for atleast 8 hours a day. I may be under a little stress though. But I think JP90 is not for me or maybe too advanced at my current level. I will surely follow your advice and stop doing JP90 and start with PSEG's routine after a couple days break.
        Also, can you recommend a EQ and PF exercise that a beginner like me could do without hurting himself?


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          Thanks for the reply Onion!
          Yeah man I'll be starting with PSEG's routine after a couple days break. I do have question for you if you'd like to answer- My measurements are almost similar to yours. BPEL- 5.75. I cannot jelq with the normal grip like others do. I have to push my free hand into the base of my penis to hold the extra skin back. Does this happen to you? And will it stop my gains because i am not trapping enough blood?