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Am I supposed to have positive PI's every day?

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    Well i think some of those bad PIs came in because of jelqing at a higher erection level. I started getting more consistent results when i switched to lower % 40-60 ish. I am going to go do my day 6 session right now anyways... xD so I will see how I respond again later tonight. I rarely seem to get night wood but in the morning I can defo tell if I have positive PI's straight away from the hardness of my erection! Also trying to figure out if one handed jelqs or two handed work better for me. I prefer one handed because when i do two handed sometimes it will stretch the skin too much at the base and its more uncomfortable after a while but I am yet to determine which gives me the better results.... Also day 5 and 6 were both bad XD

    It's more like day 1 bad, day 2 good, day 3 bad, day 4 good, day 5 and 6 bad
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      You'll figure it. You never mentioned, have you gained anything?
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        Although 200 kegels a day sounds a bit extreme to me, ease up on your kegel contractions.

        Don't kegel hard, kegel just enough to work the BC muscle. Also, you might want to look into reverse kegels.

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          I gained before a 0.1 girth gain which i believe was due to big al's squeezes. I used to do 10-20 of these along with my jp90 but then stopped due to negative PI's. but i have since lost the gain and have gone completely back to normal Just finished another session now. Stretches + Kegals + 10 Rotation Stretches + 10 mins two handed jelqs which auto made me go to about 60-65% EQ. rested a couple minutes for it to go back down before resuming. and then finished with 30 V jelq. I will see how i respond after this... Hopefully it will be for the better


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            OK thanks for the advice I will take it down a notch. maybe to 100 kegals. but i do not do them every day though. just on jelq days. rest days I don't do any...


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              Well poor EQ again the next day so only 2 days out of the 7 I've actually had good EQ. Still have a longer hanging flaccid but everything else is seeming to be weaker again. More failure when will it end damn it! Lol


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                I have a tendency to overdo edging sessions, and then overwork the unit, because it does take its toll as well. Keep the edging light! Sneak up on the wall, don't run to it, so to speak.

                I noticed that after I cut back on edging, my eq and pis were alot better, so if I now do edging, I do very little else training that day, this has helped me ramp up the intensity of my training, and I started gaining after that.

                Try it out for yourself? We are all different and you need to figure out what works for you. Just because it helps other people, it might not be the right path for you good luck!


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                  If you edge on non-training days, do you still warm up before edging and warm down afterwards? It seems that some of the guys like PESG and Jay1983 had some significant early gains and they were doing a LOT of edging. I'm just wondering if I edge on a training day, as a newby, should I stick to no more than 20 minutes? If I edge on a training day, do I need to warm down first after PE, or is it okay to edge for however long I want, then warm down?

                  I was on the JP90 program for a while but it was taking a long time and I think I was probably overworking my unit, like assassins147 says. Plus I don't think I saw much in the way of gains and my EQ was down, so I switched to using the JP90 stretches, which I've now got down to 15 minutes then I follow that with 10 minutes of slow jelqing (5 second strokes as with the PESG program). I also have gone from really pulling hard to pulling much more gentle and jelq grips have been more gentle with PESG's idea of not "breaking the egg". I just switched, so I'll have to see if I'm making any gains. But on days when I'm doing this more gentle program, I notice my unit really feels like it's been through MORE of a workout than when I exclusively did the JP90 program. I feel like it's working better for me, and I can knock out this program in 30 minutes, but I do warm up and warm down around 15 minutes before and after with a rice sock, so in total the PE takes about an hour, not counting edging time. Assassins147, sounds like we're kind of in the same boat, so I'm sharing my experiences and asking questions that may help both of us. I also started a light program in December then switched to the JP90 program Jan 28 or so I think, so we've been on PE about the same time.

                  I may have actually seen some gains with two months of PE with a fully 100% erection of around a 0.25" in length but no girth gains, except from the base up my shaft around an inch, and that gain was around 0.25". The base girth gains are fairly visible to me, as it looks like the shaft has been kind of tubularized a bit more. It's clear that something has changed there as it's definitely thicker and more ridged/ribbed than before PE, but only the first inch from the base. I notice a bit more flaccid hang too, but just a bit. I take it that's what the girth gains look like and I'll be happy when I see that new ribbed, tubular growth all the way up the shaft. I'm assuming that's what early girth gains look like?

                  Oh, and BTW, I've been doing kegels and reverse kegels much more often since I was having EQ issues, for maybe two plus weeks, doing maybe 120 kegels and maybe 100ish reverse kegels a day and I seem to now be able to really engage my BC muscles to keep a hard erection. It definitely seems to work for masturbation and keeping an erection, but I haven't had sex since I've made improvements here, but I definitely feel much more in control and confident it's gonna carry over to keeping myself hard during sex. Because with the JP90 program I was hit and miss with my EQ just like the OP and I found that I lose my erection more during sex, and that definitely got my attention to reflect and make some changes.
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                    I think Edging / Ballooning will have a positive effect on EQ. I personally didn't Edge when I first started PE but now I'll go 45-60 minutes on a Fleshlight. It's given me some good gains. My only thing is I would not EJACULATE. So my 5 on 2 off or 2 on 1 off . I don't do any PE or Stamina Training on the weekends. That's my time with the Mrs.

                    If anything happens during the week it still doesn't really effect my PI'S but I think you have to build to that and not rush it or you will overtrain.