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Am I supposed to have positive PI's every day?

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  • Am I supposed to have positive PI's every day?

    Hey guys,

    Still finding it hard to get a routine working for me -__- 3 months of dedication now and still nothing but problems and no concrete gains! :S

    Starting to figure out some stuff though. I find that Jelqing at lower erection levels 40-60% gives me much better sensations in my penis after work out than harder EQ Jelqs ever did.

    So am I supposed to have positive EQ every day? Because I don't Also changed my routine from JP90 to PESG as I couldn't get anything consistent working. I feel as if this routine is working better for me and I might be a less is more gainer but anyways for the past 5 days for example, My results are as follows

    Day 1 - Stretches + Kegals + 20 Rotations + 10 mins 5 sec one handed Jelqs + 30 V Jelq

    Day 2 - (no night wood but raging morning EQ! positive PI's all day after this) - Stretches + kegals + 20 Rotations + 10 min wet Jelqs - alternating between one handed and two handed strokes (done this at a higher EQ level around 70% - it was at this point the day after that my PI's stopped being so positive so I figured lower EQ Jelq was the way to go for me.)

    Day 3 - (Positive PI's Gone) Stretches + Kegals + 10 Rotations + 10 mins one handed Jelqs (40-60%)

    Day 4 - (Postive PI's Returned! ) - Took a rest day

    Day 5 - (Positive PI's gone once again! but I figured it was just because I took a rest day?) Stretches + Kegals + 10 Rotations + 10 mins one handed jelqs (40-60%)

    Day 6 - No night or morning EQ once again going to resume session later...

    Is this right because it doesn't seem like it? :S why such varied results for staying with the same routine. I want consistent PI's so that i can grow right? but I can't find anything that works consistently! It is so annoying! lol

    Also is it possible that Edging could be destroying my EQ? sometimes when i get positive PI's I get extremely horny and do an edging session too. but maybe I am timing the PONR too late? because I get dribbles and then when I finally cum not much ejaculate comes out because it seems to leave bit by bit as i continue to edge? Could this be killing my EQ as well?

    Thanks for the help This forum really keeps me dedicated and pushing forward even though I am seeing no results still after so much effort

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    Quick Summary:

    Basically doing the same routine consistently only gives me positve PI's just some of the time... cant get consistent PI's every day? And is edging killing my EQ because i may be stopping too late into the PONR?

    Am I supposed to have Positive PI's every day? What would you recommend that I do?



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      Great questions and observations. I noticed my positive PIs have gone down when my eq level was higher during Jelqing also. This makes me wonder if my stretches are effective. Logic being this: if proper Jelqing is the only thing that shows positive PIs, then how come proper stretching won't show positive PIs. Granted I'm only a few weeks in and only have had two workouts with higher than normal eq during Jelqing.


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        not sure. I don't think I get PI's from stretching alone but I am not entirely sure as I usually do them both together. I am just hoping if i continue to do them then the results will come but its definitely discouraging to see all my work go to no avail

        Still.... I am not one to give up easily and I am still determined to make this work even though I haven't found the ideal solution for myself yet. I believe it works and have faith! I am hoping that consistent positive PI's will put me on the road to success but I can't get it happening consistently and that is the problem :/

        I am sure I will figure it out eventually but I just wish i knew what to do already so I didn't have to waste more time figuring it out. I am paying attention as much as possible but haven't quite cracked the code yet lol


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          Has that been the same routine since you started?


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            no. i started back in early december with a very light conditioning routine but I wasn't doing enough at that point in time. I didn't start dedicated training until january with the jp90 but this was too much for me, at least the full routine anyway.

            It gave me negative PI's after the first week of intense training. I then backed off and done half the jp90 routine with about 80 jelqs and 60 v jelqs, started seeing some positive PI's after that but then all of a sudden I stopped getting them a couple weeks into the routine even when upping my reps. I continued to have a longer hanging flaccid but no morning or night wood or anything. I think it was because I kept continuing to jelq at a higher EQ though around 70%. Just discovered this week that lower intense jelqing is better for me

            I did make a gain of 0.1 EG but i think this was down to the big al squeezes, anyways I have since lost this gain and gone back to my starting size Now trying the PESG routine and I do seem to be responding better to the less is more type of training but it is still not consistent! Want a routine I can continue daily and keep getting positive PI's to encourage growth. right now it is just hit or miss but I hope that I figure it out soon.


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              In my experience, there are/have been, days when everything was FAR from ideal. To include EQ.
              Sometimes other things in life interfere. If most days your happy with things, that sounds great.
              Now, several days of bad junk, then see what is going on.

              Keeping a log will help.
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                I do keep a log xD I just haven't added it into my signature because it feels wrong to until i make some actual gains! lol. More often than not I have more negative days than days with positive PIs. But I am hoping now with the PESG routine that things will improve. But thanks for the advice! I Will stay dedicated and hope things stay on the right track! I will be sure to be back for more advice if things continue to stay this way but hopefully I will see some gains happening soon...


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                  But nobody answered my question about Edging? Is this effecting my EQ by doing edging wrong possibly? I am stopping at the PONR but still get dribbles and then when I eventually ejaculate not much comes out because it seems to dribble bit by bit as I am doing edging sessions... Is this effecting my penis in a negative way? Should I stop edging?


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                    Edging shouldn't have a negative effect on your EQ. Stamina exercises such as edging are used to help to improve EQ.
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                      That is what i thought but maybe I am stopping too late? Because like i said when i finally do climax not much ejaculate comes out because it dribbles every now and then when i try to hold it back in an intense edge session. But yeah I will continue to do so I guess xD


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                        Poor EQ aye?

                        How many kegels are you doing?
                        Doing any reverse kegels?
                        How often are you edging?
                        How often are you ejaculating, counting all ejaculations?

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                          How is your food choices? Sleep levels? Negative stress levels? Mindset during PE?
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                            Thanks for the responses guys.

                            I do about 200 kegals whilst doing my routine with my stretches. as i stretch i do 30 kegals with each one as I was told to do with the JP90 so i continued to do so. I do not do any reverse kegals though....

                            I do get good EQ but its not consistent. maybe 2-3 times a week at most but I am seeing no gains, Do feel stimulation and blood flow in the penis after exercises though...

                            I usually edge on the days I have Positive PI's because it makes me extremely horny. so again about 2-3 times a week and i probably ejaculate about the same. once every 2-3 days but not always on edging days....

                            As for food choices... I eat like a king lol. I love to cook and its one of my passions and I spend a lot of money and time making good food, rest assured there is no problem here xD

                            Sleep levels are good, i Usually get 8 hours minimum if i can and I don't really have much stress in my life at the moment. I am in my 20s and still living with family so I am not really stressed about the hardships of life too much right now lol. I get to save a lot of my money from working so I am not in a bad position at the moment....

                            Mindset has always been very positive. I am definitely the type to stay dedicated and achieve something if i really want it that bad! I've rarely missed a session and I still keep at it even with the discouraging results so far.

                            So all in all I shouldn't be having too many problems, I just haven't found the routine that will give me consistent results and PI's. Any advice would be appreciated!

                            Thanks guys


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                              Looking at your day 1-6, it almost looks like day 1 good pi, day 2 bad, day 3 good, day 4 bad, day 5 good, day 6 bad. Just looking at that. Maybe 1 on 1 off might work with that routine.. I dunno
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