Im following jp90 but with less jelqs because i feel overtraining..
I recently read about pi and i was thinking about mine.
Ahm, i have positive,negative and neutral pi at the same time.
Last sesion,i was doing 100 jelqs light, and i feel very good, not overtraing.. but when i move to v jelq.. mhm, i was going down with erection level(from 60-70 to 20-30) and i feel a little overtraining.. i was doing less than the session before..about 60 v jelq.. and the last was 75
Ok, about Pi, i have negative the follow:no morning wood, numbness and loss of size but that only sometimes.. now i have it, but last sesion not
Positive:increased erection,horniness and flaccid
Neutral:size temporary sometimes and redness
So, what should i do? Maybe more post warm up? Maybe less v-jelq? Im doing 2 days-1 off btw.
Thanks guy