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The right way to do stretches?

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  • The right way to do stretches?

    Hi guys. I've been doing stretches in the past and only recently in one of the posts I saw that stretches need to be done a bit different than I was doing it.

    So my foreskin cover the head of a penis fully and when doing stretches I wasn't pulling the foreskin back even a bit, I just was taking penis slightly below the start of penis head with a foreskin fully covering it.

    But recently I read that foreskin should be completely pulled back while doing stretches and foreskin should not be covering it and I should take penis without foreskin, just bare penis head and do stretches.

    What is the right way? Or there is really no difference?


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    When I started doing PE, I would stretch with the foreskin covering the glans. I changed to pulling the foreskin back and griping the shaft below the glans w/o foreskin. What I found is that the latter results in more tension in the ligament and along the shaft. With the previous stretch, it seemed that the skin added unnecessary resistance to the stretch. In other words you are stretching skin, as well as shaft and ligament. My preference is to stretch ligament and shaft without skin.
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      There is no need to pull the foreskin back for stretching. Make your grip about 1 inch below the glans for stretching. Your grip will slide forward some, but you should feel that you have a grip on the shaft and that you are not pulling directly on the glans.
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        Thanks for the replies guys, but now I'm confused, because two different replies here. I don't know, I was doing stretching for 3 months (without pulling the foreskin) and the effect was zero. I'm not saying, that this is exactly what affected the gains, I believe I wasn't doing it for not too long, but maybe the not pulling the foreskin also had an effect on it?

        It's just one problem, when foreskin is pulled back, it's much harder for me to hold a penis, because it slips out much more easily.


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          I think that the problem is more the comfort of stretching.For example I can`t stretch with foreskin on because the foreskin slips my grip and It`s just impossible to me to stretch that way.Also I think that if you keep the foreskin on the glance,there is a chance to stretch more the foreskin and not stretching enough the penis.But if you can stretch it with foreskin on and you can produce good stretch on the penis (not only on the foreskin) then the stretches are probably going to have the same effect no matter if the foreskin is on or not.Basicly if you can stretch your penis good then the gains are going to come,it`s that simple IMO.
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            As an uncut guy I've grappled with this issue. As PE sites, understandably, have an American bias, uncut factors are not covered very well. Only recently I found an excellent grip that enables a proper grip to stretch the tunica and avoid skin stretch for those with foreskin. It is called a the V grip or knuckle grip and details of how to do it can be found here: https://www.*************.org/penis-...manual+stretch
            Though to see pictures you may have to be a member.

            Even without this grip I have found the OK grip can be done as follows: Pull the foreskin back and grip about an inch below the head, I have found there is a sweet spot around here that enables a good grip that is less likely to cause foreskin to slip back over the head. Although that could just be me! Until I figured out the above methods I was always pulling the skin more than the tunica and not really targeting the stretch. Like with anything it just takes practice.
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