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  • Measuring issues

    So I've been PEing for almost 6 months.

    Started at: 6.1 BPEL

    Max measurement (within the last two weeks)

    Measured at: 6.75

    That's almost a .75 increase. The problem is every time I've measured since then (randomly maybe 3-5 times) I've seen huge fluctuations.

    For example: The 6.75 was so surprising to me that I tried to follow up and see if I could reach that measurement again on another day just to confirm, yes it's 6.75".

    So what I do is, I start arousing my piece until I feel like I'm maxing out. I'd measure and be just about 6.2 - 6.3, (sometimes even 6.1 original) disappointed, I'd put down the tape and go for more arousal and more stimulation, than measure and get 6.5". Confused and disappointed, I'll work it up again, more edging, more arousal, going for the hardest erection possible, measurement says 6 5/8. Aside from the one night I measured a few weeks ago, I've been only able to barely tap the 6 3/4" once for only a second since then. (Took lots of time to work it to this point, and more edging)

    All these measurements are done at the peak of my arousal and erection, basically right before the PONR, problem is if I want that 6 5/8 - 6 3/4" I have to spend more time arousing and essentially jacking off, than remeasure.

    This is confusing because if I had to say the strongest average I see is 6.5", this is alarming because after almost two months in I measured a 6.5" after being really aroused. It's been 4 months since then and I've seen a few pushes into 6 5/8" and the very occasional 6 3/4.

    I want to say my BPEL is 6.75 but if I only can hit the measurement occasionally if it's a good penis day and I spend 10 minutes working my piece until I feel like I've maximized any potential of more length.

    I'm confused because I don't know how to gauge this situation and my next goals, I might want to add some time to my jelg routine or add a bathmate to the regiment, but with these fluctuations, I don't know if I'm even making real progress.

    How would you interpret this?

    How would you classify your future goals?

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    Your fluctuations are due to EQ levels. If the level of your EQ varies then so will your measurements. Try focusing more on stamina work, jelqing and kegels to improve your EQ.
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      just last night i was noticing some fluctuation. i check my flaccid length off and on. but usually my erect once a month. so i was stretched out sitting down and as i leaned forward to check the measurement i sucked my stomach in and it changed the measurement. so i messed with it trying to find what happened.

      take away--be consistent, measure exactly the same way. it is easy to chance the measurements with a little different angle or placement of the ruler.
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        There are two things coming into play with measurements here: (1) variability in the size of your penis based on erection quality and (2) measurement error. Individuals with variable EQ (possibly more pronounced with poor EQ in particular) will have greater variability in the actual size of their penis when erect, whereas if you had (hypothetically) perfectly consistent EQ, the only source of error in your measurements would be measurement error. Measurement error can arise from differences in viewing angle toward the ruler/glans, in pressure when doing pressed measurements, and in placement of the base of the ruler (especially for non-pressed measurements), as examples. As proactive said above, this variability can be minimized by measuring as consistently as possible.

        The good news is that if you take many measurements and average them, you'll have an estimate of your average size (that is, the size of an average erection for you), since in the long run it's usually reasonable to assume measurement errors even out in terms of under/overestimation. Also, if you take many measurements, you'll have a good idea of the upper end of your range.

        There's no reason you can't track progress by both average measurements and max measurements. The former might be particularly sensitive to EQ gains, and the latter to tissue expansion, but both are meaningful.
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          Very insightful guys. I mean I'm just very eager to make sure I'm proactively addressing PE and my own needs to be successful with it.

          Criticalmass, you mentioned something that sparked my interest. When referring to EQ, is it abnormal to have such quick fluctuations in size?

          For example, I can go from 100% to 80% very quickly, probably only a few seconds.

          A bit off topic, but I feel like there must be an issue somewhere, i do tend to edge after 90% of the workouts, don't look at porn often, don't masterbate often. Green tea, ginger, L-Arginine, Ginko, Garlic, Ginseng.

          I wouldn't say I focus on stamina, but I definitely work it into my routines regularly. Maybe I can benefit by making stamina a stronger focus. I'm a young mid 20s guy, aside from smoking tobacco I eat very healthy foods, and I get a lot of nutrients so my "alright" EQ should be addressed.

          Any suggestions?


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            Originally posted by Decentpiece View Post
            Criticalmass, you mentioned something that sparked my interest. When referring to EQ, is it abnormal to have such quick fluctuations in size?

            For example, I can go from 100% to 80% very quickly, probably only a few seconds.
            I think it would depend on the context. If you're not mentally aroused but have achieved erection via manual stimulation, then in the absence of continued stimulation I can see a quick drop in EQ being completely reasonable. If you're actively aroused then I would consider it odd to have such great fluctuation, especially with continued stimulation. That's all just my opinion and speculation though; as far as what's "normal" in the sense of typical of men in general, I have no idea.
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              Fluctuations are very normal. We all fluctuate. That being said feel free to measure any way that works best for you. Just be consistent as possible so you can evaluate your success.