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Warming up with a hot shower?

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  • Warming up with a hot shower?

    Hey guys,

    I tried to look through the forums to find similar posts, but couldn't find anything specific.

    The question is, is it OKAY take a normal hot shower for warming up?

    Good answers will be appreciated.

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    Im not a veteran, perhaps I have read pegym for years but started just a bit over a month. I will chip in my thoughts anyways. For me, to save time I usually take a hot shower and thoroughly rince my flaccid cock. I think the most important thing is to dry ur cock immediately right out of shower. I believe water droplets makes ur dick looses its tempature fast, so I think as long as feel ur divk is loose and relax during shower, and u dry it up completely should not be a problem.

    Any veteran can give us advice?


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      I would auggest a shower as a warmdown. That way you can wash any libricant off, if necessary.
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        I used to use this method when I first started PE'ing, but the inventor in me quickly became dissatisfied with this and went and took the whole minute it takes to make a rice sock.

        Directions for making a rice sock:-

        Get one sports sock, half/three quarters fill with white rice and tie a knot in the end. Job done.

        When warming, wack in the microwave on full power for 1.5 to 2 minutes. You may need to experiment with the time as 2 minutes is usually very hot in my microwave, but the sock retains its heat for a long time.
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          As long as the water is hitting the desired areas you should be OK. The ambient temperature of a very warm shower helps too.
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            You preferably want your flaccid penis to be radiating heat immediately after your warmup. A hot shower may achieve this if you focus the shower-head on your penis for a substantial amount of time. However, as Burty said above, using a rice sock or microwavable cherry stone bag is much more efficient and you'll certainly feel the heat radiating off your penis after applying either of the above for 7+ minutes.

            A hot shower is good for a warm down, a hot bath is even better.
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