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Masturbation before jelqing seems to be the only way...

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  • Masturbation before jelqing seems to be the only way...

    Hey there,
    I started jelqing, or atleast trying to jelq.
    I cant manage to do more than 4-5 jelqs before going full errect...
    I jelq, errect and let go for a minute before I can start going again.
    The only way I can actually jelq is if I shoot my load before jelqing, meaning I have a really hard time edging after jelqing... any advice?
    I tried masturbating 2-3 hours before jelqing, but its the same story. 50 jelqs would take me couple of hours, which is ridiculous.
    Anyone ever had my struggles?

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    Attempt to begin your jelqs with a lowered degree of erection. In time, you should adapt to the movement. Performing a few direct stretches prior to your jelqs may also be helpful.
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      How long are your jelq strokes? If I jelq with faster strokes, like 3 seconds, sometimes I'll have trouble keeping my EQ down.

      I always jelq super slow, like 10 or more second strokes. That way it isn't like masturbating at all because it's so slow. I'm not jelqing for girth so I need to keep my EQ lower.


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        Hmmm... will try slower strokes.
        Thank you, sir!
        Anyone else?


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          practice, they should get easier as you do them. don't give up on them.
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            RK while you jelq.

            If your PF is tense during jelqing, erection.

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