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Why is my dick shriking?

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  • Why is my dick shriking?

    Sooo, if been reading about PE a few month straight and thought about trying jelqing and a Bathmate myself. I startet jelqing two days ago, 5 min warming, 5 min streching, 10 min jelqing, 5 min warming down. I used coconut oil as lubrication. Today i took one day of, and messured my dick, because my flaccid dick felt kinda thicker. And after i messured erect i was shocked. Im usually 14,7 cm (5.78 inch) but now i messured 13,8 (5,43), allmost one cm is gone! What did i do wrong, will it come back or is that a normal thing to happen, if you are starting out?

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    Erection quality/strength varies, there's a ton of different factors. Give it time.


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      I fluctuated starting out, if it persists then it's an issue but you may just be tired. Is girth smaller as well?
      BPEL: 6.75-7"(not a good measurement)
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      BPEL: 8"+
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        Only 2 days into PE is NO time to be measuring your D, Alex. DON'T DO THAT!...more importantly, DON'T WORRY about it! Worry and panic leads to anxiety, which will cause your D to shrink! Forget measuring & focus on your exercises. You'll be fine!


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          Hey Alex. Don't worry, I didn't measure again for three months, and nothing. I didn't give up, one month later, saw my first gain. Growth happens at different rates for different guys. Relax.
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            Originally posted by MarsSpyder View Post
            Is girth smaller as well?
            No, it was a little bit more..


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              Sounds like an erection quality issue to me. Stop measuring often, gains don't happen that fast. Wait a month before you take your next measurement.
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