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Hi everybody! Anyone start off big?

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  • Hi everybody! Anyone start off big?

    Hey everyone! Im super excited to start enlarging my junk haha. Im already a pretty big guy (7.75 bpel and 6.1 girth) but Im looking to cement some noob gains of about 1/2" length by 1/4" girth. Im hoping the basic JP program will work for me. Did anyone else start off big? How much size did you decide to add?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Personally started off larger than average and added ~2" L x 1 1/4" G.
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      Starting off bigger does have some advantages, IMO (particularly a bigger "flaccid"). In my personal PE journey, I was born a "shower" with a natural flaccid "hang" of 5.5" X 4.8"; however, I was only 6.5" X 5" erect as a beginner in PE (a little bigger than average). With 16-18 months of persistent PE, I gained 1.25" in length & 1" in girth (erect) and my flaccid increased to 6.25" X 5.25" respectively. It is reasonable to assume if you're bigger flaccid than most guys, you therefore have more to "work with" (augment) and will likely post gains more quickly than guys of average size who are "growers". Having said that, there are many guys here in the gym who have posted greater gains than me who began as flaccid "growers". Generally speaking, I think it takes longer to gain for "growers" than "showers" (based on my experience), but there are also many variables physiologically & genetically to consider. There are no "tests" to determine how much a guy can increase his size. It's all according to his own unique physiological & genetic code (DNA).

      We're glad you joined us! READ ALL the threads in START HERE, top left tab, blue bar to begin your own PE journey safely with a conditioning routine. You'll also learn Gym posting protocols, and MUCH MORE about how to improve your penis health. WELCOME, salty!


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        Moved to Beginner forum.
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          thanks for the welcome guys/sorry for posting in the wrong area! Lets make some huge gains! I cant beleive it took me this long to get into this. As some one who has been bodybuilding for 3 years I welcome the oportunity to give a women more to appreciate!!


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            thanks for the indepth response man! Ill check out the start here pages!


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              Glad to have you here as a part of the forums Salty! Please use this awesome community for inspiration and motivation. Understand that your starting stats put you in the top 1% in terms of both length and girth so any gains will be exponential in terms of the average charts that you will find on line. The benefits of PE are more than gaining length or girth, they are also for overall penial health. The ability to have better erections (EQ) and better stamina through training are also key. Take things slowly, PE is a long slow slog where more intense workouts do not necessarily transfer to bigger gains. Unlike bodybuilding where more intense means biger gains, in PE, more intense may lead to injury. So follow protocol and established routines found in the START HERE thread, located above in the main forums, or in the stickies in the beginner forums if on a mobile device. Enjoy your time here at the forums, we are here to help, exercise slowly and enjoy the benefits of better EQ and better stamina.
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