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How to measure bone pressed?

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  • How to measure bone pressed?

    Ok, I've asked this before I think and was wondering if there's a better way to measure my penis? I'm 6 in NBP and 6.8 to 7.1 BP lol. I can always push the ruler down even more with a good amount of pressure so the bone pressed method doesn't seem to work.
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    If you're using a ruler and holding it horizontally so the numbers are up, it's possible you're shoving it in the area right above the penis where there is no bone, hold it vertically and you're sure to hit bone.

    I think a lot of people who claim they're not fat or chubby but have a large "fat pad" and big difference between bone pressed and non bone pressed are doing this and aren't really as long bone pressed as they think.

    I know I was doing this when I first started, kind of depressing at first when you get an accurate smaller number.

    And before that, I was measuring from the side, so I'd already disappointed myself once when I found out I had to measure from the top, lol.
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      Use a piece of string or cloth/plastic tape measure and press one end firmly against the pubis. This method not only allows you to measure along the curve but also alleviate any pain normally associated with pressing a hard ruler for measuring. The standard is to measure with the penis pointing straight out, but you can measure at any angle you like- as long as its consistent in each measuring session.
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