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Overnight Gains?

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  • Overnight Gains?

    Im fairly new to PE, about 2 months old. Indeed, I did some casual workout for 2 months and 2 months of strict routine.

    My question is would overnight gain be possible? Im not sure if it is EQ/newbie gains, but honestly speaking I did not feel EQ imrpovements. I meant in terms of hardness, the engorement, the erection time without stimulation seems to be the same.

    I have this habit of scratching and touching my morning boner, and I did the same this morning. When i was feeling off my boner, I already felt like its longer, so I took it out and measured, it was a 0.4cm growth OVERNIGHT.

    Is it possible? Or its EQ gains?

    Please let me know.


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    Forgotten to mention, I did JP90 the night before, and it was one of those exercise where you feel your penis got worked out.


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      EQ gains bro.

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        Could be a full on gain if its the lig


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          Could also just be variance. My top length varies by as much as .2"(which is about .4cm) depending on the day and time I measure. And this is at seemingly identical EQ. My circumference measurements fluctuate by about .15" which in terms of volume is even more than that.
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            Overall I gained about 2cm length, in 2 months of casual PE, and 2 months of dedicated PE.

            How long of PE would gains started to be actual gains? I meant I could get quite hard before I do PE as well. The hardness seems the same.