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  • stretching without warm up

    I've been doing PE for about 3 months, off and on, and started with stretching from a book called "Erect on Demand". Then I moved to the JP90, and for the last month, I've been doing the PESG plan with the JP90 stretches (L, R, O, U) along with helicopter shakes. I've gained little to nothing in length with the PE gym programs but seemed to have gained some length with stretches from the "Erect on Demand" book which basically consisted of what I thought were stretches without warming up first. Basically, the stretches were pull up and to the left for 10 minutes then up and to the right for 10 minutes. Maybe it's newbie gains, but I gained some doing that, then maybe saw 1/8" possibly after that. I seem to be a hard gainer.

    I've also had previous issues with ED but that has been gradually getting better and now it seems within the last few weeks to be quite hard. I've been doing kegels and reverse kegels and it seems to have gotten to the point where my PF is good. I can honestly "lock in" an erection like I've never been able to do previously. Big Al talks about EQ being important in gains and it seems like the main thing I've noticed, and this is a definite, the base has some expansion and my base girth is growing into a more tubular shape for the first 1 1/2 inches and midway to just under the glans is swelled too. It's odd, but I measure girth more sometimes after I've masturbated and and orgasmed and after my erection drops to around 50 - 60% at MORE than when I'm erect. It seems to be remaining bigger around in flaccid state too.

    So, maybe I'm on the cusp to seeing some gains. I think I need to be more consistent. But my main question is whether I can stretch for 10 minutes up and to the left and 10 minutes up and to the right like before without warming up first? It seems most programs recommend warming up before stretching?


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    Warming up, at least with a heat source, decreases the chances of injury and increases the chances of having better results.

    Plus who doesn't like a warm Willie ?
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      Okay, reason enough. Maybe I just got lucky in not getting hurt. I think I had read that elsewhere. Thinking back on those three months, I got hurt at some point but according to the experts here, sounds like it was just a PF problem due to incorrect kegel exercises. I was doing too much kegeling and not enough reverse kegeling and had what felt like some urethera discomfort, especially when orgasming. I made an adjustment and my EQ went through the roof in a good way. I slacked off a bit on the kegels and my EQ is still very good. No more pain now, but it I took a PE break while I healed up.

      I think maybe the reason I wasn't gaining length was due to the fact I'm not pulling hard enough. The last session yesterday I made a concerted effort to crank on it quite a bit more and I still felt like I worked it good and EQ was still good with this morning's wood. It seems like the BPEL is helped with more force while doing the jelqs seems to do better with much lighter pressure to allow for the plumping affect I was reading here. I had been doing what I felt like was a light jelq pressure (with the holding an egg grip), but I let off some and went lighter yesterday and my unit seemed to respond well. In fact, it was so pleasurable, I kept getting more of an erection and that hasn't happened in a long time.

      So, that's my follow up questions. Am I on the right path? A little more force with the stretches, and very easy on the jelq pressure? After three months, I had also thought about some hanging? I had also tried king pole's advanced beginner routine a few days ago because I'm a "hard gainer" like he references, but I'm not sure about the lambda jelqs. Maybe I should stick with PESG's routine for now and see how I do, if I'm doing the exercises more correctly now, maybe I'll see more gains?
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        Throw in some a-stretches or similar. Try experimenting with a bit more force, but ease into it over time. You just gotta figure out what works for you, and what doesn't.


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          For many guys, gains don't start to show for six months or more. However, a warm Willie helps speed things up.
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            Thanks guys. Hadn't read that it takes 6 months or more for gains. And have never heard of a-stretches either. Great feedback. What do you guys think about going to something like king pole's hard gainers routine? I'm definitely going for more EL right now as girth is not as big of a concern and that seems to be moving in the right direction currently.


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              While I'm taking today off, a warm up before hydro pumping in the shower got me from 6 3/4" stretch and to very comfortable feeling 7 1/4" stretch. I can't wait to do it tomorrow. The girth looked nuts as well, no hard on or anything. Just a nice full stretch.
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