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You're right, it's no ones business. However, it was a rhetorical question. When men put arbitrary and unrealistic targets on their PE gains it can hamper any real progress being made. Leaving this expectation unchallenged will most likely lead to a negative outcome:

1. he sees minor gains in the first few weeks/months of PE and decides that extending the volume and increasing his intensity will make the gains come faster in order to meet his 2" in 7 month target. This will very likely lead to injury as he hasn't taken the time to fully condition his penis, leading him to think PE is dangerous and never attempts it again.

2. he starts off with advanced PE exercises, reasoning that if he skips the beginner stuff and straight to the intense exercises that's where the 'real gains are made'. He then overconditions his penis, or as above injures himself, and sees no gains because of it and then declares PE to be an elaborate hoax.

A positive outcome would be to get him to reason with himself, or with us, WHY he NEEDS 2" in 7 months. That way we can help him realise that there is no reason why a man would NEED 2" extra inches. But there is a reason why a man would want a functioning and healthy penis as well as some gains and in order to achieve both he will need to be patient and committed to PE.

I should've been clearer, rhetorical questions don't work that well over the internet!
I understand the question was a challenge to him, to make him question and consider his decision; there is nothing wrong with that. It has become clear though that after several pages of advise and concern that it has moved beyond the primary question. I also realize that I restated some things already brought up to him.