Hi everyone, i've been doing pe for about five weeks now. I just wanted to know if there's any changes i could do to my routine to improve it, and whether it is a good routine to be following. I aim to gain both girth and length.

My routine so far:
.Warm up for ten minutes with a hot flannel, reheat after each minute, as i reheat the flannel i do a v-stretch.
.Usually i would start to wet jelq with vaseline but recently i started to do some more v-stretches before i jelq.
.Next i jelq for 10-15 minutes, from 50%-80% erection, with vaseline.
.Afterwards i have a hot bath.
.I do this two days on then one day off.
(I have been doing this routine for about four of the five weeks, when i started off it was just jelqing for a few minutes to get the hang of it ect)

.So far i have noticed my erections are harder and i believe i have gained about 0.2 in girth but i need to make a more accurate measurement.

I started off :
6 inches when erect
4.3 girth when erect