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Should I do JP90, PESG, create my own routine or other?

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  • Should I do JP90, PESG, create my own routine or other?

    I've recently joined this forum after lurking around for a few months to see if this is a real thing or if this is a scam, only one way to find out.

    My current stat
    BPEL 7.0"
    MEG 4.75"
    EQ is pretty solid

    I want to focus on increasing my girth mainly, my goal is to pass the toilet tube test and the one that I have measured out to be 5.8" so I have a way to go.

    I also like the idea of increasing the length of my penis but I don't know if my girlfriend will like it since I can already hit her cervix consistently, but then again, I've been hearing about the "a-spot" which is just right past the cervix and I don't know if I have been able to reach that spot yet.

    I'm trying to figure out which beginner routine that I should do that will target girth growth for most part or should I just do one of the standard routine to condition before I move on to girth-centric routine?

    I can use some input from you guys

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    Condition your penis with JP90 routine, after that i would do BIG AL jelq free routine.


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      Welcome Growingthicker.

      i would encourage you to check out the start here tab at the top of the page. It has everything you need to know to get you started. If you don'k know a lot about PE, I would suggest you look at some of the beginner routines. They are tried and true.

      Hope to see you around.
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        For the first 3 months I would suggest properly conditioning your penis with the JP90 program; reassess if you should change your routine afterwards.
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          Try the JP90 at first. If that's too much for you do the PSEG for about a month to condition then transition back to JP90.
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            Hey, welcome to the forum!
            As mentioned above, go to the "START HERE" button and do some learning.

            You can either go PESG or JP90, but if you decide on JP90 I wouldn't recommend on 5 on 2 off as mentioned there. probably 4 times a week or 1 on 1 off is best for pure begginers.

            Also, cut all the reps there by half with a clear concious, otherwise you are doing an "advance" newbie routine - as its name states.

            V Jelqs + rotational stretch might be too intense for start - if so I would suggest going for PESG or BigAl's routine, which are less intense and much more suitable for begginers IMO.

            Best of luck
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              I've been constantly experimenting with various routines including the Bathmate, not including the Bathmate and etc.

              I seem to always come back to the basics. I'm more than convinced manual PE is the best way to go. I started out with the Basic routine for beginners, then moved on to JP90 while slowly adding exercises.

              I last measured and I'm dead certain I have now cemented 6" on the dot in girth and just a hair below 7.25 BPEL at full EQ which has been more consistent.

              I did improve my diet and supplement stack but my EQ was always fluctuating with my other routine. Ever since returning to the Beginner Basics i seem to be still gaining and my EQ has been great.