Hi guys here are my questions:
I think i will log everything i do starting off tomorrow.
For the warm ups does doing hot towels good enough?

  • How can i know my EQ quality to start off with? i have pretty easy erections and even morning woods+premature ejaculator.
  • How can i deal with erections when doing this routine, since i get hard easly it's a pain to calm down how can i not get erect easly doing this?
  • For stretching should i grab my penis a bit behind the gland?
  • For jelqing how can i do slow strokes when my penis is not even that big, on the 5.7 inch length?
  • Again for jelqing how can i know how its done properly, they say its like holding an egg and not wanting to break it but it's just not going well with my penis feels.
  • For jelqing what should i pull, the flesh, or push then pull? i need some good explanation about this.

Thanks a lot fams