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Increase Length Plus Girth with Stretching Techniques only?

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  • Increase Length Plus Girth with Stretching Techniques only?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, so a bit about me.

    Current measurements are 6 inch erect length (probably the same or close to it for non-bone pressed and bone pressed), 5.3 inch mid-erect girth, and 5.5 inch base girth.

    I tried Andropenis and had either negligible (0.2 inch in length) or zero length gains. The reason I stopped is simple, it just became way too painful to wear after one hour and I had circulation and color issues on the glans. The glans also had small veins coming out of it that I've never seen before and I had some post-lingering nerve pain after using it, so I quit for good. I also tried jelqing, first starting with JP90, but it made me way too sore, so I backed off and even tried to cut down some on that program, but it still made me too sore and I also had nerve/feeling/sensitive penile issues for awhile, so I'm not going back to that either.

    I want to only use stretching techniques and here is my plan. I want to purchase a Phallosan Forte to wear during the day. I can wear this device for up to 2-3 years with my current job for 8-10 hours 5-7 days a wekk, so I'm hoping to gain a solid inch in length to bring me up to seven inches. My ultimate goal is to be 7-8 inches in length and six inches in girth, preferably mid-girth, but I'd definitely take base girth though.

    I feel my next step after gaining an inch using Phallosan Forte or when gains stop, is to try an extender, to hopefully get another 0.5 inch in length, with some added girth as well. I could see myself wearing this 4 hours a day for 5-7 days a week for another two years.

    Then, my last goal to get me to 8x6, is to use the LG Hanger along with an all day strecther that pulls my penis up, that I wear like a necklace or strapped to my chest. I could essentially do this until I get to either six inches mid girth and/or eight inches in length.

    So, my questions below are as follows:

    1) Do you all think that this is a reasonable plan and I'll be able to get up to eight inches in length over the next 5+ years?

    2) Will I obtain any girth using these devices?

    3) Will Phallosan Forte gains stop after awhile, making me have to move to an Extender? Like, for example, should I just move on to an Extender if I get up to seven inches in length?

    4) Will using Phallosan Forte theoritically help my mid-erect girth if I always wear it to the "right" because my penis slightly curves to the left when erect? I think this may be possible because it will straighten my penis and make the thick part to the left straighter and have more girth when I measure it.

    5) How noticeable with street clothes is the Phallosan Forte?

    6) What is the best Extender out there in terms of gains and being comfortable? I don't want another Andropenis scenario because you can't increase in size without wearing it. To add to that, is my Andropenis salvagable in regards to purchasing some vacuum top where I can still wear it after moving on from the Phallosan Forte after meeting maximum gains with that device? I plan to wear the Extender straight out while sitting down, for what it's worth. So, I'd first be pulling to the right (PF), then out (Extender), then up-and-down (LG and neck or chest stretcher) with the devices in order.

    7) Do you think I'll be able to obtain 6 inches of mid-erect and/or base girth with my plan?

    Thank you all so very much for reading my first post. I hope you all will help my achieve my goals!

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    Hey just_stretch, welcome to the gym! I've only been around here for a year and a half or so but PEgym has always recommended manual exercises in the beginning to condition you unit for devices and advanced exercises.
    If you got too sore to continue the JP90, you were likely jelqing too intensely. A little soreness is a good thing after a manual routine.
    8 x 6 seems to be a common log term goal for many here and some actually achieve it. Others realize before they get there, that they don't want to go that far and others decide to keep going past that point.
    You are introducing a lot of new stresses to you dick and you need time to adapt to those stresses.
    Be sure to check out the START HERE link at the top left of this page and spend a lot of time reading to learn all you need to know about starting PE safely and effectively.
    No one here can tell you how big you can grow your dick, but there is plenty of information on this site to make sure you don't fuck up your dick. You only have one as far as I know so it's worth the time spent to learn to PE safely.
    Injuries are real and can be devastating to your dick and to your mental state.
    I can't answer any questions about the devices you are using as I have only done manual exercises and they work just fine in my opinion. Plenty of others here agree.
    Just realize that PE is a long process that requires dedication and persistent effort and you need to learn about PIs (physiological indicators) that will let you know when you need to give your unit a rest and when it's ok to add more to the routine.
    Sorry I haven't answered your questions about the devices but if the JP90 made you too sore, your just going at it too intensely and that won't make it grow any faster.
    Good luck on your journey and stay safe!
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      I don't have any Phallosan info to give you, but I don't think you'll gain any girth with your plan. I did gain about 1/2" base girth with a slider extender, but that was at much higher tensions than recommended with spring extenders. Hanging sometimes adds base girth gains as well.

      I think you should include jelquing into your plan, along with some manual stretching to complement your stretching devices.

      As far as your goal of 2" length gain in 2-3 years, well that's more than I could accomplish in that time frame, and I was dedicated during this time to a compulsive level, but some have claimed to gain 2" in much less time.

      I'm hoping to reach 2" in around 6 years total time, but best of luck to you in your endeavor.
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        Thank you for your reply.

        I'm not too familiar with the Slider Extender, but I am now with you telling me you gained 1/2th inch of base girth.

        What Slider Extender did you use?
        How long did you use it for?
        How much length did you gain?
        What else were you doing when using the Slider Extender?


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          I used an extender for about 6 months several years ago and had no results. At least in length. I did not measure girth. From what I've read extenders are not highly rated. And they are painful.

          With JP90. I have just finished about my 10th session. When I started I was also feeling really sore with the ligs. I cut short one or two sessions in the beginning and now I get very little lig soreness. Although I would like more as I think that shows you are pushing it, but not to the point of pain. So maybe you just need to take is slowly with JP90. When you feel it's too much, you could stop and see if you can build it up. Maybe you have tight ligs. I can tell mine are now a lot looser.

          I doubt I have any extra length, except maybe a bit from improved EQ, but flaccid girth in particular feels a bit bigger; not so much erect. My penis seems to have a lot more blood circulation when flaccid, which feels nice. I'm also using the Bathmate.
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