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    I'm seeking an advice from all you PE gurus. I'm a grower and happy with my erect size. It works great for sex, made two kids etc. so purpose of life pretty much filled.

    What I'm not happy with is flacid size. I'm not happy showing it in saunas, locker rooms etc. Even though I don't really care what others think it would be nice to be comfortable with other naked guys, like swinging it front of everyone and smashing things with it (not really).

    So I would like to get tips from you pros, what is the best way to transform from grower to shower?

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    Hey Pokopete. In my experience, regular PE exercises will continue to increase flaccid size. Another thing that's been important in my routine for increased flaccid size (along with erect changes), is to keep the flaccid penis from turtling, or retracting to a really small size. After exercises, I like to wear a cockring for several hours, or even wear one all day long as long as it's not too restrictive. There are also many types of sleeves you can wear that will keep your shaft elongated while flaccid. Over the years, I'm probably about 1" longer flaccid, and thicker. I'm a lot less self-conscious when I'm in front of others. Key is keeping your penis in a steady, longer, plumper state as much as you can, because it will learn to stay at that shape eventually.
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      LAS (Lazy Ass Stretch) will help lengthen your upper supporting ligs which will allow some of your inner penis to be exposed all the time. That means your flaccid will be longer. I most certainly didn't invent this easy exercise, but see my signature for LAS info.
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