I was a long time lurker, now a new member. I was looking up workouts I should do to get some size. I was reluctant to believe that penis growth naturally was a thing.

From my experience first you gain something called better erection quality which seems to stretch skin (I have stretch marks now). Over time, it becomes permanent.
I am running the beginner routine and it seems great so far.

I started at half reps then got up to 75 reps for jelqing, and 45 reps for vjelqing. It was easier to split into 3 sets like the routine asked for. I think I gained some length and girth, but I ended up increasing my reps. Now my "EQ" isn't as great as usual.

I was planning on toning it down, but also thought about keeping reps the same until my EQ got better. I apologize for the long first post, I don't want to injure myself.

Should I go back to 75 jelq reps and 45 vjelq reps since that worked before?