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    Hey All,

    I've been lurking here and Thunderdick for about four months. I use an app called Evernote to save and highlight useful snippets, routines, devices, and contrasting opinions and it is an invaluable tool for any internet research to organize and have everything to reference. I've just set aside the time to jelq and get the vaunted 8x6 tallywacker to crush our enemies, see them flee from the field of battle, and the lamentation of the women.

    I've been using the jp90 while mixing in some of the more "advanced" techniques sparingly just to get a feel for them. I realize this is a marathon and not a sprint but I come from a military/athlete background with an OCD tendency so I have to really manage overtraining.


    1) Looking at the penis survey I notice the higher the percentile the more increase in gains. Wouldn't it be pertinent for basically any hopeful dick slinger to buy a Bathmate that seems to work for "most people" to engorge the penis gaining any length and girth that is possible before conducting any exercise? If the correlation between starting size and end gains be true, I don't see why a reasonable person wouldn't buy a bathmate if the funds are there.

    2) If the warming of the penis be essential before and after techniques, it seems to me the IR lamp or for that matter ANY heat inducing bulb would be by far the most efficient use of ones time. Not only can heat by constantly applied, but it also does away with any time wasted on warming a rice bag etc.

    I've been using a 150watt red light from amazon, and 9 dollar clamp stand that seem to work well for the task, and I don't know how one could perform these exercises without it. I guess I just to know what anyone that has had good gains to comment on what I have been thinking of? Thanks.
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    Some prefer no devices at all. Others prefer devices besides the BathMate. Either way I say stay the course with JP90 and develop your conditioning and knowledge base for later. Then if you decide to add the BathMate your penis will tolerate it better.

    As to the lamp. Good choice just block the heat to your testicles so you don't hurt the sperm inside.


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      Thanks for the reply,

      I intend to do the JP90 and from there buy a bathmate for sure. I'm a little skeptical about the ADS, it seems that its quite the hassle to keep on, taking off etc. From a recuperation standpoint I don't see the utility in stretching at night, which should be the time of regeneration from the days work. I seem to find only a limited amount of people get away with wearing one during work or around town. For my money and time it almost seems like weight hanging has better results in less time but then again i've never "turtled" so I can see its application. For obvious reasons I will wait until conditioned properly to consider weight hanging as is best from my research. I suppose these PE devices shouldn't be a solution to a problem that doesn't yet exist or plateau not yet reached. Am I somewhat close to the mark with this line of thought?


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        Hot beans hardly take long at all.


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          I believe you, it just seems that a heat source that can be flicked on and also provide constant heat would be a superior method.


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            I think you have a good thought train going. Cover your testicles so you don't cook your own beans.


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              Yeah cup them during a warmup, and have a hole in a towel for the exercises. If sperm count becomes a concern there is a ton of options to fashion a ball hammock with. You could even go as far as fashioning a silicone oven mit or like barbecue mit material for protection, and add a small icepack gel pad that has been chilled in the fridge/freezer. I'm not looking to have kids for awhile, so I should have some time to recover if need be.