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Lig popping while jelqing

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  • Lig popping while jelqing

    So Im doing the JP90 and I notice today that when I do the regular jelqs that the left ligs pop pretty frequently. Is this normal and what does it mean? It don't hurt. They just pop a lot. The right side doesn't though.

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    Lig popping during jelqing? Strange. Which direction are you jelqing?

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      straight out. i have a curve to the left though, and i think i may be pushing it slightly to the right as well.


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        That doesn't sound right at all?

        Maybe it's a little hung up on a bone? Going to have to think about what could possibly be going on with a pop?
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          It's vital for you be able to discern a standard "lig pop" from something more ominous. There's some excellent posts on this subject in the forum. Here's a few:

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            I jelq laying down. And what I do is have it pointing straight up and I start jelqing. I notice that when I check I push down a little bit and a little to the right. Also I try and grab as close to the base as possible. It doesn't make a noise but it feels kinda how it would feel like when I twist and pop my back. Just at a lower intensity level.