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"Dick-ups" and kegels the same thing?

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  • "Dick-ups" and kegels the same thing?

    Hi guys!

    I have never understood how to correctly perform kegels, I guess I simply dont know what "feeling" to look for, but that is not my question.

    I do something that I call "dick-ups". It's kind of like I am pushing blood into the penis and when erected, the penis will "swing up", thus the name. I can also feel my glands hardening when I perform this. I can only hold it for a few seconds and for each repetition my erection subsides and after about 10 repetitions, I am soft and have to do some jelqs to get it up again.

    When I perform this exercise, it feel like I am pushing something inside around my prostate area a bit down and forward.

    What exactly is it that I am doing? Does it have any use? Will it eventually make my erections harder? Is it a kegel, because I thought that would be an "upwards and inwards squeeze", which this is the opposite of. Thanks in advance guys!

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    With the Erect Kegel you should feel the muscle in your perineal area contract and your penis rise, if you're performing it correctly.
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