it's been a year since my last post. But apparently, in 2016, I actually did PE for only a couple of months (it was 2-4 months). There was no sign of growing. I was too lazy to do it back then. This year, I'm trying to get back on the road again. It's been 5 months. It's actually not the constant 5 months but more likely 2.5-3 months because after 2 weeks of PE-ing, I felt pain on my penis so I took an off day (but It seemed I got carried away by the days off lol) and continuing it after 2 weeks of days off. I only did a 50-100 jelqs, 5-20 stretches, and since I didn't have clamping device, I tried to clamp with my own hand for 15-20 seconds. I did some warm up and warm down for a the first few weeks, but after that I didn't do the warming thing at all. There was no serious injury only bruises for the first few weeks and my penis went turtling if I excessively doing the PE. As for the result, I said on my first post that my size was 2.75inch flaccid and 4.5 erect. My current size is 2.55inch flaccid and 4.65 erect. But, I feel a little bit bigger compared to my last size (flaccid and erect) and it seems that my girth has increased too though I didn't measure my girth back then.

All that I wanna ask:
1) My flaccid is decreasing. Is it okay? Or is it because I was measuring my penis in a wrong way back then (2016)? Do I need to start over?
2) How to measure penis girth and length in the right way (flaccid and erect)
3) is it okay to clamp only with your own hand?
4) do i need to do the warming up and down again for the next session?