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  • Starting point with pictures.

    Hey guys I'm somewhat new to pegym. I've been reading since the end of 2016 and finally started the jp90 in January.

    Things were going decent gained enough to be at about 7 inches nbel but I went overboard and strained my penis.

    It's pretty minor as in the pain has subsided and eretions are good but even a slight jai stretch doesn't feel good so I have to back off.

    It's been about a month of no pe besides masterbation. Since I don't have pain while I'm doing it I'm thinking of trying jelqs at the end of the week to see if that's tolerable.

    I'll try to keep this updated once I'm 100% ready to go.

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    Welcome and...ENJOY!

    Always listen to your PI's! If you feel like you need more of a break then do so. Be in it for the long term and don't try and rush into things too soon.
    The name's Tamora...TVR Tamora...with a capital "T".

    Lots of living to do yet unseen and a more stories yet untold!


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      Hellooooo welcome. I noticed your body shape it's very rare IMO. Are you training lots of shoulder in the gym? :O it looks a bit strange in proportion to the rest of your body (just and observation) And thanks for the pics! It's always super encouraging to be here and pe when someone adds pics!! I hope you grow to your goal and enjoy the process most of all!! Again, welcome brother


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        Thanks for the kind words guys.

        Tamora- that is good advice it's always best to error on the safe side for sure!

        Seba- yes I do train my shoulders quite a bit. I have always had pretty wide shoulders and a narrow waist which causes a strong contrast in appearance.


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          I'll also note that I'm 6'6 so that too might add to the proportion issuie.

          It's actually a big reason I got into PE since being so tall can also make "other" things look smaller in comparison.