Hi everybody,

first I apologize for my mistakes , but I m not a native speaker.
I have started PE about two months ago. After doing some beginners routine, I turned to using Phallosan Forte for more than 6 hours a day. I bought this device couple of years ago, when I tried do PE, but quited because of many reasons.
Now, I bought myself a Bathmate pump and for about three weeks now do the following routine.

5 days PE , two days off
One day jelqings ( 60-80) after warming up. After the jelqings Bathmate for 3x 5 minutes ( try to get errected, but it is mostly half errected)
After Bathmate, I wait for one hour or so and use Phallosan. Sometimes I strech.
The other day I focuse on streching and do otherwise the same routine, but if I see that my penis wants to get errected and I can't get it flaccid I jelq also.

When I use Bathmate, I do it now on relatively high pressure. My penis goes until the 13 cm line easily but with more suction, I can reach the 14 cm mark and stay there. I never felt pain, it feels tight but good. After the 3x 5 minutes, my penis is much thicker, but I believe this is because of the swelling of the foreskin, which shows microbleedings.

After two months with these variations, I have seen no gains at all. I would really like to use the devises, and do some reduced manual PE, since I feel some discomfort, just by doing manual PE everyday. Is there someone who started his PE the same way and had gains?

I would appreciate any kind of advice

My measures are ( cm)

BPFSL : 17
BPEL: 15,6-8
NBPEL: 12,7, (correcting the right sided curvature along the length axis 13-13,2)
EG: mid 13,5, base 13, Top 12