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Confused with so many techniques

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  • Confused with so many techniques

    i have read this threads and am confused, which one should i chose. Here are too much techniques....
    i am absolute beginner and if someone can give me advice it would be very good...
    So, unfortunately i cannot do PE every days, i can do it every second days, also 15 times in a month.
    For this schedule, which PE techniques would be suitable?
    As i sow this Thread has many replies:
    But as the author says, it should be done in multiple times a days.

    I know that Forum is too big, and i can find answer to every questions but please, if u have times, advice me exactly,

    than u guys <3

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    Hi and welcome, try clicking the start here button near the top of the page. Find a routine that suits you and your timeframe. Either of pseg or jp90 routine, all can be carried out when you want. Beginner routine is best for beginners to condition yourself and get ready for whatever you may wish to do after.

    us guys recommend starting your own log, it's good for motivation, also take some measurements and cut out porn if you are watching it.

    and good luck, ask questions if you're not sure of anything
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    Long term
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      Yes, the START HERE button located at the top of the page in the main website and it is also located in the stickies in the beginner forums is you are using a mobile device to access these forums. It is a one stop place to find all the information about what we do here. Workout when you can, choose a beginner program, on your off days, do a couple of quick jelqs when in the shower in the morning to keep things limber.
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        What means ''edging session''?


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          Originally posted by giolcr View Post
          What means ''edging session''?
          Edging 101

          Edging for Premature Ejaculation
          To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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            Welcome to the gym!

            The guys have given you some great advice to get you started. You only need to do your routine once a day, not multiple times a day. It's recommended to use a 5 days on 2 days off or a 2 days on 1 day off schedule. If you can only do it second day that that will be better than nothing, just be consistent. If there is anything you don't understand make sure to ask questions
            To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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              I was at first in the same boat. And I consider myself a beginner and will do so for the next 6 months or so. Simply how I am wired to think.

              But being an engineer, the KISS principal was always emphasized;

              Keep It Simple Stupid

              So just do the JP90 for a few months and integrate ULIs later on which are great.

              Add a water pump and you'll be golden.

              Keep your balls cool and penis warm.
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