Hello everyone I just had a couple questions regarding pe in general as I am a little lost and confused. Let me start by saying I did a light 10 min stretching and jelqing routine for 2 weeks and attained the best flaccid hang and EQ I've had in years. Then I screwed it up by masturbating 3 times in a day two days in a row then trying to continue my routine. I lost my flaccid length but kept my eq weird but I thought I injuried myself so I took 2 weeks off and now I lost my eq and flaccid hang and I have started back up about a week now and here's what's I'm experiencing: my dick isn't hanging after sessions or the next day anymore like all day it's a bit shrunken, my eq hasn't changed and idk if I should take more time off or keep going to get back where I was. Or if this is all just in my head but any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you everyone.