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Permanent gains or not

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  • Permanent gains or not

    Hello guys,

    I'm posting this thread because I'm confused - In JP90 program he says:

    As you progress, and master these exercises, usually about a 3 month time period to see length gains, but you will see flacid and some girth gains as early as 3 weeks. Remember,all of your gains are permanent. Good luck to all, in your quest for a larger penis.

    I found a thread where people discuss how gains are not permanent:

    6-18 month cementing
    PE never ends because u will loose some gains
    If u stop PE you will have weak erections and stuff...

    Guys What The ?!

    Is all this true? I understand its a long process but never ending process with reduction in EQ ?? Of course I will do this a long time but I wont be able to do it my whole life obviously.
    I'm confused.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you cement your gains and maintain your EQ you should maintain you size gains.
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      From what I've seen, a LOT of guys lose much or even all of their gains depending on how long it took them to reach it. The guys who pack on 3/4" in a few months are the most prone. They go hard core for a few months and then up and stop. And lose a lot(or even all) of it.

      If you can maintain your current size with semi-regular stretches/expansion, for about a year, I think it holds. I've yet to lose any gains, but I never worked hard or gained a lot in a short time.
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        I haven't lost gains but I do some exercises just to keep things in shape. Just some jelqs one day maybe some stretches another. Nothing time consuming.
        7 1/4 inches x 5 1/4 inches Spring 2014
        8 X 5 1/2 late summer 2014
        8 X 5 3/4 Feb. 2015 That took a while.
        8 X 6 goal
        8 X 5 7/8 May 2015, wife said stop for now.


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          I took a year of PE from bathmate injury, urethra stricture. sucks.

          I lost 1" in length gains and I lost no girth.
          After 2 months back doing pe I gained back the inch I lost and also gained more.

          PS my BPEL was always measure at full erection so "eq" didn't matter for gains vs losses.