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I think I'll try the length/girth split when I have more experience and as my workouts get longer to see if it's more effective for me.

As for kegels, I've been trying to do them, started with 1 week of 10 sets of 10 quick kegels everyday and on the 2nd week, I did 5 sets of 10 kegels with 4-5 sec hold which I was really struggling with so do you know where I could get a decent kegel plan from to strengthen the PC muscle?
You need to begin any routine with enough training momentum to carry you through to the end of the cycle. Start with about half to three-quarters of the volume you're ultimately capable of and add a small amount of volume per session. You might attempt to perform all of your reps in one "set".

The following is a routine I'd recommend: The “Stamina Only” Routine for Reversing the Effects of Detraining

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As for edging, I'm trying to do the NoFap challenge, my main goal is to quit porn but I also want to eliminate or reduce ejaculation so I can get the benefits of semen retention. What are your thoughts on this and should I not try edging at this moment?
I definitely agree with eliminating frivolous masturbation (esp. with porn) and routine your efforts into your training. The link I provided above for the stamina routine is part of a larger article series on the subject. There's also this article on "NoFap": NoFap and Stamina Training without Porn