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    Originally posted by Exodus101 View Post
    Im about 7.6 or 7.7 inches and about 6 inches girth and I do feel small, it really bothers me measuring my penis and not seeing it even reach 8 inches. I haven't started exercising it yet but my goal would be to reach 9 inches, my dream would be to eventually reach 10 inches. It is true women can't take 9 inches or more as it hurts but the vagina does have the capacity to expand and eventually a women would get used to a 9 inch or bigger cock and she would learn to love it.

    U got a great length that got me jealous already, anything too long will be up the cervix and I suppose girls don't really like them. Alternative it might mean your body distance is further from the lady if you don't use your whole length.


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      i dont really think i need length, but i do need girth, witch i was working on until i pulled a muscle at the gym.. Starting back to my routines slowly.. Long and narrow, i cant stand it, girth is where its at, not length..
      As of 1/2011
      Current Length: 7.25
      Current Girth: 4.25 under glands, 5.25 middle, 5.75 base
      BP Flaccid Length: ~5
      BP Flaccid Stretch ~7.5
      Goal: 8x6
      Slowly getting there..


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        I'm targeting girth more-so then length because I do just want a thicker penis.. Once I get a thick penis then I can target the shit outta length.
        But at the end of the day, who are we to say that guy doesn't need an extra inch? We should all just accept the fact that it is very true that we all started out with something different, but we are all working towards a common goal, bigger healthier and happier penis'.
        It's not just Penile Enhancement, it's a way of life.
        Millia's Dick Journey (NEW Introduction post!)