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Measure it on rest days.At least I am doing it like that.You know that the whole day is free from PE and you can measure whenever you want.Also I do some edging and I take measurments when I am close to ejaculation.That way you know that the penis it`s hard as possible and there is no difference in the erection levels.
I also measure every week and few days and I don`t see problem with it.The only thing is that there is no "wow" effect when you measure too often.You are measuring that way 1mm after 1mm after 1mm week after week.It`s not some big gain to make your jaw drop but you know that things are working out.

Also my advice is to use very strict measuring to be sure that you are gaining.When you measure too often and the gains are too small you need a strict measuring to be sure if you got gains or not.Measure couple of times,with different rulers if you got and even in more then one possition to keep an eye on your progress.
awesome, thank you!