Not sure if i'm posting in the right forum but since I'm a beginner might as well.
I've been training for the past 1 month plus and I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

1) My penis is darker than before. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?
2) When I jelq I can feel the insides of my penis. Am I doing too hard? I don't feel any pain except on the skin (I usually dry jelq).
3) My erect length at around 70% is longer than at higher erection level. Normal?
4) I tend to PE every single day as I feel that the routine is not very tiring (Unless I edge for a long time when I'm free) Should I still put in rest days?
5) Whenever I try to dry orgasm, I will Pre Ejaculate instead. Am I doing it wrong?

I've seen some newbie gains but I would like to unravel some mysteries before I get more questions.