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    Hi guys. Just started doing PE recently. I've realise that while i'm doing Jelqs my erection drop from70% to 50%. Am i doing it right?
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    A nominal erection level for jelqing is often times found between 30% - 60%, give or take a little. Nothing is written in stone.
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      Oh. So basically is normal for the erection to go down abit while doing jelqs.


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        Dropping to 50% is not a problem. It's completely normal for the erection level to fluctuate some while jelqing. Often guys will need to stop and stimulate their sel back to the proper level. If your goal is to gain length then you should do your jelging at the lower level of around 30 50%, if it's girth then stick with 70%. If you have a loss of morning wood then that's a sign that you may be overworking it. Take a break for a few days until it returns.
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          Thanks guys.
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