Hi, this is my first post after lurking here for some months. First off big thanks to all that have posted here, taking time to help guide newbies. This is an amazing forum, so much more in depth than just the search for a bigger dick.

So I'm about 65 days into jp90 and it's been epic! So pleased with how it's gone, I've got great pi's and everything is looking swell ( pun intended ) .

Doing lots of work daily on k's and rk's to help with some prem ejac issues I've had as I've gotten older. Dropped porn and masturbation too.

Starting stats pbel 6 1/4" mseg 5"

Ultimate goal pbel 7 1/2" mseg 6"

I haven't measured and won't until end of jp90, maybe measure after a 3 day rest. But all feels like I'm going in the right direction.

My question is, what do I do after jp90?? I have an idea of a routine I'd like to do, 1 day on 1 day off to start, for 6-8 weeks, am manual stretching session, pm girth session

A.M session
10 minute warm up with heat pad
Light stretching for 5 minutes
200-300 downward stretch then touch left to right leg
Warm down

P.M session
5 minute warm up with heat pad
5 sets 30 seconds tunica tugs
150 wet jelqs
6 mins bathmate
150 wet jelqs
6 mins bathmate
150 wet jelqs
6mins bathmate, straight into a cock ring for an hour simultaneously with warm down

Too much?? Too little?? Obviously you can see this is a girth orientated routine, that's where my heads at in terms of importance. I'd rather look after EQ and focus on girth, and gain length slowly.

Thanks for looking guys, sorry for LONG post!