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My foreskin is... swollen!?

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  • My foreskin is... swollen!?

    That's right guys, I did my usual routine last night and this morning I woke up and noticed that the very last bit of my foreskin (the last part covering my head) is really really badly swollen. When I pull the skin back at a 70 - 90% erection I can't see the bottom of my glans like I usually can.

    I've used the same usual lube so I don't think that's the problem, though I didn't have a shower afterwards. I think it may be because I slept naked and idk maybe I had an "involved" dream and I must've humped my bed and hurt it idk.

    any cures for this guys? kinda worrying. ><


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    Should I warm it up?

    I don't really wanna use an ice pack on it cause it'l make me turtle! :S


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      I think i had the same thing mate, month or so back. Felt like the skin was swollen and the skin was too big for my dick. Couldn't uncover my full glans because of the "excess" skin. Got a really bad turkey neck when it happened, so maybe its down to how i jelqed that night. Next day it was better, the day after that it was fine, and never happened since, cant explain though mate.


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        Matress humping, well, so how many women were tending to you in this crazy dream of yours? Take two aspirin.

        For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17


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          Don't do any PE, warming up with a rice sock may cause it to swell more.

          For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17


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            Yeah I figured I'll have to give it a rest. A day or two?

            Just outta interest KP, how will taking aspirins help?

            Cheers guys


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              If it's inflamed the aspirin will help the swelling come down some. And this might take more then a day or two. My guess (and I don't know I'm cut) is that since the lube stayed there and you slept naked without showering that some dust mites and bacteria had their way with your wang last night. Nothing to be worried about in my opinion.
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                Ok something strange has happened in my two days off.

                The swelling died down completely and it feels better now, however.

                My head is now thicker then two of my thumbs put side by side, longer too. I haven't measured but I think my penis still the same length, not sure about girth though. It looks like the head has gotten bigger but eaten up part of my shaft too, so it's the same length but the head got bigger but went down, so no length gains but a head gain?

                This a good PI???

                Oh and my foreskin is super tight around it, borderline being too tight to have an erection and move the foreskin over the glans. What can I do about this?

                Cheers guys!


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                  Ice pack will slow down the biochemical reactions that cause swelling.
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                    Is my head being bigger a swelling result?


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                      Man, I wish I knew. JL, I haven't the slightest idea what the swelling is from--whether this is a positive indication or something else. I wouldn't worry about it. Do take a couple of aspirin as KP suggests to reduce swelling if it is not a PI from P.E. Then you can eliminate other factors and you will know that it is a good sign. In addition, I suggest you consult with members who are uncut and who have a tight foreskin. Start a thread describing your condition and concern to those who are uncircumcised, for example, "Calling All Uncut Members" to get feedback.
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                        Oh the swelling foreskin has gone down, I am no longer worried about that.

                        The issue (now) is, on my two day break my head expanded ALOT. When I was in the shower yesterday (and today it's happening too) skin or dead skin is coming off my head, something that's never ever happened before. Course it could be friction because my foreskins so tight around my dick when erect, but not so much so when flaccid.

                        Is my head being bigger a result of swelling or a gain? It doesn't look swollen it'self. It's just strange about the foreskin problem, I've never had a tight fit around my head before, now my heads bigger it's tight as hell :P